BREAKING: Detroit Dem Delegates openly discussing casting Denver ballot for Hillary!!!!

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Here we are less than three months away from the biggest Presidential election in my lifetime, with Russia rattling it’s saber like it’s 1988, with unemployment here in Michigan at a staggering, nation’s worst 8.5%, with gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon while Democrats vacation on the taxpayer dime and with a state jobs program who’s only method of “creating” jobs is to pick winners and losers with millions of dollars in tax breaks (after having passed, last year, the largest tax HIKE in Michigan history) and Barack Obama and Michigan Democrats are talking about… last January’s primary?


Somebody’s off message and suddenly yesterday’s shocking poll with McCain in front by 5 points makes a little more sense.

Instead of talking to Michigan voters about jobs and the economy, about relief at the pump for single moms and working families, about national security and preventing a  devastating new cold war (or worse, a new hot war) in Eastern Europe both major newspapers in the state lead their coverage of the POTUS election with discussions of Barack Obama and his local problems… Kwame Kilpatrick and last January’s primary.

Before we jump into the Ivory Tower and their decision to link Kilpatrick with Obama in print (racists…) let’s take a gander at the Detroit News where we learn Obama yesterday joined Howard “Yeeaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh” Dean in calling for an overhaul of the primary process.  And by overhaul they mean “We know you’re still upset in Michigan so how about we slap you around a little and spit in your face this time for good measure?”

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign Wednesday called for a commission to overhaul the Democratic Party’s primary process in the wake of a chaotic 2008 campaign that included a bitter dispute over the Michigan primary.

You remember the “bitter dispute” over the Michigan primary.  It involved the good Senator from Illinois in the sense that it didn’t involve the good Senator from Illinois.  On the day Dearborn hosted a historic Republican Presidential Primary debate featuring every GOPer seeking the nod Barack Obama sent a personally signed letter to Terri Lynn Land asking his name be stricken from Michigan’s ballot.  He then signed a pledge with the DNC promising never to step foot in the Great Lakes State until after the nomination was secure.  And he kept that promise, at one point going over a full calendar year without visiting Michigan.  I suppose that qualifies as a bitter dispute.  

Except that it doesn’t.  There was no dispute.  No argument.  He caved.  He bowed to Iowa and New Hampshire and pledged eternal fealty.  He ignored Michigan for more than a year.  That’s not a dispute, it is simple and total capitulation.  But now he’s joining with Yeaaaarrrggghhhh and wants to “overhaul” the primary process?  And how, you ask?  Fair question.  The DetNews offers an answer:

Read on…

An Obama campaign official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said that although the commission should be free to make its own decision, Obama favors retaining the special status of Iowa and New Hampshire, which for decades have kicked off the nominating process.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… hu-wha?!  The big news out of the Obama camp in Michigan less than three months before the election, on a day when we discover he’s trailing for the first time in the polls is that he wants to OVERHAUL the primary process specifically by KEEPING IT EXACTLY THE SAME?!

This discussion, a discussion started by Team Obama and the DNC, makes zero sense.  When the candidate yanked his name from the ballot and vowed to treat the state like we had the plague it was a giant slap in the face.  But like any slap, the sting of it had worn off over the last year.  We’d moved on.  There are other issues that demand our attention and different priorities that made everyone forget how poorly Obama treated us.

So now the man saunters back up to us, looks us in the eye, puffs his chest, slaps us again by reminding us of the way he abandoned us and then spits in our eye, promising that he’ll do it again via this new “commission?”

Nice work, Barack.  Beaaaautiful.  Is it any wonder Detroit area Democrats are not-so-secretly discussing a coup in Denver in which they’d cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton?  

The Ivory Tower features another sure-fire Pulitzer Prize nominee (/snark) from Rochelle Riley, discussing, among other things, the fact that Barack Obama wants less than zero (awesome early Robert Downey, Jr. performance, but can you name his female co-star?) to do with his “good friend” Kwame Kilpatrick.  It’s a fairly typical surface level Riley piece that fails to ask the important questions like… if Barack knows that Kwame is bad news for his campaign why won’t he do the right thing and denounce him publicly?  Not a surprise, though.  Riley’s a pretty big Kwame booster.

Obama’s decision to put politics over personal relationships by ignoring his decade long pal might even have something to do with the biggest news we’ve read in the FREEP in months… via a  non sequitur towards the end of the column.

When 13th Congressional District leaders met this past weekend, some discussed finding a single surrogate (to replace Kilpatrick at Obama’s side), and (activist Jonathan) Kinloch said they may look for help from clergy and unions…

Michigan isn’t a lock for Obama. He took his name off the ballot in the primary, and state delegates still have just one-half a vote. And at the weekend meeting, there was talk of nominating Sen. Hillary Clinton.

You read that right.  Obama delegates in a city that votes 96 to 97 percent Dem each year, a city that consistently ranks as one of the most segregated in the United States, the home, statistically, to an African American voting block that polls show support Obama to the tune of over 90 percent… delegates from THIS geography and demographic are considering voting for Hillary Clinton in Denver.  

And frankly, that shouldn’t even be a surprise.  Suppose that’s what happens when you personally separate yourself from a friend who’s destroying a city without stepping in first and demanding he end his rampage.