Barackstar to Michigan's new Welfare Queen: 'Stay away... STAY AWAY!'

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Attention women: If you live in Michigan and you’re a fan of Barack Obama then there’s a big party being thrown today just for you.  Well, assuming your name isn’t Jennifer Granholm.  The Ivory Tower reports this morning that the Barackstar’s campaign is kicking off their official “Michigan Women for Obama” organization.  Here’s the trick… the headliner isn’t Michigan’s first female governor, one of the former “rising stars” of the national Democratic Party.  It isn’t that female governor who took so many folks by storm only four years ago at the Democratic National Convention.  It isn’t the woman who cleaned up in 2006, winning a second term at the state Capitol.  But that doesn’t mean there won’t be a woman in the building.

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius will be in state headlining the event.  Let me say that again:

In a state with a sitting, twice elected, female Democratic governor “Michigan Women for Obama” is being launched today by Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius.  Irony thy name is Barack.

The official line is that schedules just plain didn’t work for the governor to be a part of any launch. And by “schedules” they mean “she’s becoming a pariah.”  

Read on…

Oh, don’t get me wrong, Granholm will be busying herself up all-day today to keep up appearances.  She’ll be shoveling a lot of… bologna sandwiches… our way to try to distract folks from a couple of nasty realities here in the state, the least of which is her status as persona non grata with team Obama.

Most prominently, she’ll be holding a press conference to announce promises on behalf of a few Michigan businesses that they’ll be creating a few thousand new jobs over the next thirty-six some odd years.  And WHY will they be creating those new jobs (allegedly)?  You got it… tax credits!  That’s why the governor gets to have a press conference.  She’s signing papers that cut business taxes and, voila, businesses are using that extra capital to create jobs.  It’s a pretty sound economic theory.  Only wish she’d figured it out this time last year when she was shutting down state government and slapping working moms and dads with a $1.5 billion tax hike.

Imagine $1.5 billion in MEDC / MEGA tax credits across the state!  How many jobs do you think that could help create?  Only problem is, the governor wouldn’t get to hold a press conference to announce those.

Interestingly, Jennifer Granholm will NOT be at Delphi world headquarters today as they announce lay-offs of 600 high-paid, white collar workers, including many in Flint and Auburn Hills.  

Neither did she use “Office of the Governor” letterhead in announcing the latest spike in Michigan’s welfare case load.  You should probably be sitting down before you read any further…

Got that chair under you?  

There isn’t coffee in your mouth, is there?  

Last warning…

Lansing insider publication MIRS is reporting that state deposits onto Michigan residents’ “Bridge Cards” (think food stamps) has jumped 75 percent since Jennifer Granholm first took office.  Last year taxpayers shelled out $1.4 BILLION in what is essentially free cash for those on the welfare rolls.  Last year we also set a new record, supplying payments to a staggering 1.2 MILLION people.  That’s one in every eight Michiganders.   44 percent higher than Granholm’s first year in office back in 2003.

According to a report from the Michigan League for Human Services, last year saw Michigan taxpayers provide health care for 2 million people (1/5th the total population) and shelled out payments for utilities for 1.3 million HOUSEHOLDS.  Per MIRS:

“We hear from caseworkers that a growing number of those seeking help for their families are displaced workers who have been downsized out of the workplace,” said the MLHS President and CEO Sharon PARKS. “We know it’s hard to make it in this tough economy.”

Apparently.  One-Fifth the population of the state of Michigan not only qualifies for but receives taxpayer funded handouts?  A 75% jump in food stamp payments?  All during Jennifer Granholm’s tenure in office.  While taxes skyrocket via the largest tax increase in Michigan history and the only tax cuts anyone sees come with a “must stage pro-Granholm presser” proviso.

Sort of gives a whole new meaning to the term “welfare queen,” doesn’t it?  If it hasn’t happened before, this report should probably be considered Jennifer Granholm’s official coronation.  Hence forth and across the land the venerable one, the great bridge card magnetizer, the health care giver-awayer, the generous (with other people’s money) Jennifer Granholm shall be known as Her Highness.  Kneel.  Kneel before Her Highness and when her tax hikes cost you YOUR job she will allow you to grovel at her feet for a shiny new Bridge Card.

Especially if there’s a Michigan Women for Obama rally being held anywhere nearby.  It’ll give her an excuse for not being invited.  Which brings us back to the beginning… why the snub?  Why no invite for Michigan’s female governor?  Why bring in an out-of-state ringer for a state specific launch party?

Suppose it could have anything to do with the governor’s role in removing Obama’s “good friend” Kwame Kilpatrick from office?  Yesterday’s ruling in Wayne County ended the Detroit City Council’s hopes for expelling Hizzoner.  It looks like the governor’s tentative hearing early next month is the last best chance for some time to bring a little sanity back to the Motor City.  

Why she doesn’t just skip the hearing and yank the guy from office today is still a mystery.  Then again, she, Mark Brewer, Carl Levin and Barack Obama all refuse to so much as publicly ASK the man to step aside, despite years of established relationships, associations, fundraisers and friendship… why would any of them actually force him?