Michigan Dems at the controls: "Zzzzzzzzzzz" -- Ten week paid siesta continues

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Enter another Monday with the discomforting knowledge that while everyone statewide who isn’t on the unemployment line this morning heads back to work after a two day weekend, the Democratic controlled Michigan House of Representatives and the Democratic controlled United States Congress continue their months long paid vacations.  Congressional Democrats like Bart Stupak are in the midst of a nice little five week siesta.  Andy Dillon, Robert Dean, Mary Valentine, Mike Simpson, Marc Corriveau and team… in the middle of a TEN WEEK paid break.  $13,000 worth of salary for one day’s worth of session time.  Good deal if you can get it.

But there’s some small comfort we can take knowing that despite faults and failures of the past, Congressional and state House Republicans are doing yeoman’s work attempting to address the problems working moms and dads are facing, despite Democratic intransigence.

Not only are they calling for the Dems to return from public school sized summer vacations, they’ve got legislation prepped to tackling the issues on everyone’s minds… still-staggering gas prices, unemployment, job creation and relief for the city of Detroit.  

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By now just about everyone here at RightMichigan should be familiar with the #dontgo movement in Washington, D.C.  Tim Walberg, Pete Hoekstra, Thad McCotter, Joe Knollenberg and Mike Rogers are at the helm highlighting the need for energy independence and demanding a vote from the obstructionists in the majority party who fled the District without allowing so much as a vote on environmentally “friendly” domestic drilling.

A little further under the radar by virtue of limited political coverage and the hard-left, partisan Democrat bent of the Lansing press corp are the efforts of Michigan House Republicans to bring the chamber back to work to address the state’s tax structure and the scandals plaguing the Motor City.

Buried in coverage over the weekend was news of a GOP press conference last week.  The Associated Press finally fills us in:

House Republicans held a news conference last week to ask Democrats who control the chamber to immediately return to session and address the state’s high unemployment and home foreclosure rates — issues that have been around for far longer than this summer.

Of course they’ve been attempting for weeks to address the Kwame scandals blighting the state.  Sadly, they’re the only ones.  A handful of Democrats have come forward to ask the Mayor to resign but the vast majority remain conspicuous with their silence.  His “good friend” Barack Obama did manage to suggest, through surrogates, that Kwame avoid Denver, though.  (Because he’s toxic, right Barack?  So… why do you insist he continue ruling Detroit with an iron fist?)

Doesn’t look like any of that will be addressed this week, though.  After finding the state still ranks fiftieth in the nation with an 8.5% unemployment rate the House Democrats continue their vacation this week.

The implication at last week’s press conference was that they’ve “gone fishing.”  Which makes sense.  That’s the classic excuses for skipping out on the office, right?  Heck, Jeff Daniels has an ad on the radio telling everyone in Michigan to slap a “gone fishing” sign on their own doors, to close up the office or the shop and to play hooky, running barefoot across sand dunes.  But like Jeff suggests, there are plenty of other options.  Gone hunting.  Gone canoing.  Gone golfing.  Gone dune-buggying.  Gone Disney-Landing.  Gone gondoliering.  Gone… lazying?  Gone avoiding?  Gone abdicating responsibility?  

Seriously, $13,000 for one day’s “work?”  Something tells me taxpayers aren’t getting their money’s worth.

Time to join the grown-ups, Team Andy.  EARN those fat paychecks.