Unemployment at 8.5% while MI House Dems enjoy TEN WEEKS paid vacation

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Is it just me or is it somewhere between frustrating and infuriating to read headlines this morning that trumpet: Michigan’s jobless rate remains 8.5% for third-straight month?!  Weren’t we just down this road last month?  And the month before that?  Well, yes, yes we were.  And alas, here we are again.  The Associated Press provides a little context:

Michigan has had the nation’s highest average annual unemployment rate since 2006. The national jobless rate for July was 5.7 percent.

Total employment in Michigan has declined every month since January.

Michigan’s jobless rate a year ago was 7.1 percent.

In the Detroit Metro area things are worse.  Last month’s 7.8 percent unemployment just shot up to 8.6%.  It is those sorts of numbers, mixed with painful mismanagement by Democrats on the Detroit Public School Board that lead to a $400+ million budget deficit.  No, not in the City’s budget.  Not in the State budget.  Just in that one, solitary school district.  

And it’s numbers like those that have the Detroit News opining this morning:

No one in Lansing is yet speaking the words “state takeover,” but they also at least must be thinking it..

Only one problem with that sentence… no one is IN Lansing to speak those words. With Michigan’s unemployment rate spiking in her largest counties, with the Mayor of the largest city further disrupting hopes of recovery with frequent criminal behavior (allegedly), while budgets grow further out of whack with incomes and as everyone from job makers to working moms and dads struggle to stretch their dwindling dollars at the gas pump and the supermarket check out, Andy Dillon and the House Democrats are enjoying themselves a nice, tidy little vacation.  Oh yeah, they’re still drawing a paycheck too.

Read on, if you’ve already taken your blood pressure medicine…

Bart Stupak, John Dingell, Kwame’s mom and the rest of the Congressional Democrats have taken serious heat, and rightly so, for their decision to hastily adjourn the US House of Representatives a couple weeks back, leaving serious national issues and legislation on the table so they could start five-week, taxpayer funded vacations.

They’re choir boys (and girl) compared to Dillon, Robert Dean, Mary Valentine, Mike Simpson, Marc Corriveau and team.  Five weeks?  Pfah.  All that proves is that Congressional Democrats are capable of screwing up the process of screwing up.  Here in Michigan the Democrats in the House of Representatives, before yesterday, met one time since June 28.  Wednesday brought with it a quick gavel and zero action.  That’s six weeks paid vacation already… the next scheduled session day?  September 9th.

By that point the Dems in the House will have gone TEN WEEKS without an honest day’s work.  Which makes sense.  I mean, clearly, we’re all out of problems here in the Great Lakes State.  Nothing important going on.  No problems to solve.  No jobs leaving.  No families heading for the borders.  No big cities in crisis.  

Thank heavens this doesn’t sit well with House Republicans, who yesterday demanded that Andy Dillon and his tax-hike caucus come back from the beach to earn those taxpayer funded paychecks.  Better yet, they’ve got a plan on how to deal with some of these problems… and right or wrong on the specifics (they’re more right than wrong) that’s approximately eighty-seven-thousand-two-hundred-and-twelve steps further down the road than their counterparts in the Majority.  The Ivory Tower reports:

House Republicans called for a $500 rebate to homeowners … along with tweaking the state’s new business tax to address exorbitant tax hikes for some businesses.

They also called for agreement on a plan to prevent property tax increases when property values fall…

The GOP caucus proposed a constitutional amendment that would cap college tuition rates at the rate of inflation.

“There are things we need to do to help Michigan families, and we should be doing it,” said Rep. David Hildenbrand, R-Lowell.

The Minority caucus has a four bill package that addresses the Kwame Kilpatrick situation, as well.  

So I know, fair reader, that today and tomorrow you’ve got pesky little things like work and taking care of a family to worry about.  But if you have some free time this weekend (or next, or the next, or the weekend after that) and you bump into your Democrat legislator sunbathing at your nearest Great Lake, feel free to stand in the way of the sun and suggest, gently, that they cut short their ten week paid vacation so that Michigan workers can afford, oh, maybe one week’s worth of vacation at some point next year.

Until then, Michigan Democrats have officially ceded that whole “understanding the working man” theme they’ve worked so hard in the press to manufacture.  Tough to understand living paycheck to paycheck when you get big ones for doing nothing.