What to look forward to this week in Michigan politics

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Happy Monday, pals!  Great weekend, wasn’t it?  Hopefully you had a chance to catch up on some sleep, catch up with some friends, catch a football game or two on Sirius (minor set-back for the Broncos but I’m still anticipating a Superbowl Championship this year) and avoided catching up on any work.

And yeah, I know, not all of us get to take five weeks of paid vacation like the Democrats in Congress and none of us get to spend the next week in Hawaii sitting on a beach with the Barackstar and his wife (if I’m wrong, send me a postcard) but those bums, they don’t know what they’re missing out on , because there’s plenty to look forward to in the next few days.  So without further ado, here’s a quick primer for the week to whet your political appetite and to help you navigate the broadcast news while boycotting the Olympics.

Read on…

1) Will the Democratic Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, get tossed back in the clink today or at any point during the week?  The Ivory Tower picks up this morning where the Detroit News left off over the weekend, reporting that a Saturday visit with his sister, a witness he’s been strictly forbidden from seeing, and in the presence of an EPU officer who’s also on that do-not-visit list could land the Mayor back in a green jump suit.  A spokesman for the Attorney General believes Hizzoner violated his bond by ignoring judges orders to refrain from any and all contact with witnesses since the last time he was hanging out with a witness he wound up attacking two officers of the court.

This latest violation comes only a day after local residents in Windsor started popping out of the woodwork claiming to have seen Kwame on the wrong side of the tunnel, including one individual who says he introduced himself to the Mayor while he lounged poolside at a Canadian water park.  So much for having all of that “respect” for the Court.

Keep your eyes peeled today.  This might be the Mayor’s last “free” day in some time.

2) How many scandal shoes will drop while Barack Obama vacations in Hawaii?  I’m not saying the man timed this vacation to coincide with scandal sweeping the Democratic party but wow, when better to avoid answering questions from the press?

The trick to running an effective campaign is staying “on message.”  That’s tough to do when folks want to ask you about your relationship with a fundraiser, super-delegate and outspoken supporter who has been indicted on ten felony counts or when the biggest news surrounding your Party’s nominating process begins and ends with the name Rielle Hunter.  The timing of Edwards confession, after years of denials, seems especially opportune.  Almost as if there were a wink, a nudge and an encouragement that what with Barack being out of pocket for a few days, this might be the best time to deal with the issue.

Makes me curious who else might be getting jabbed with pointy elbows right now. Either way, we’re unlikely to see the candidate here in Michigan for some time. Tough for his biggest Michigan supporter to roll out a proper welcoming mat from jail.

3) The 7th Congressional District race is heating up and drawing increased attention across the political spectrum… even MEA big-wig Fast Eddie Sarpolus is telling the papers, for instance:

…although Walberg was unopposed in the primary, he still garnered more votes than Schauer and Renier combined. He had 39,315 votes to Schauer’s 17,268 and Renier’s 8,989.

The question to keep on the tip of your blogging fingertips, how long before Democratic candidate Schauer returns the nearly $20,000 in campaign donations he’s taken from Big Oil while telling residents in the 7th District he wouldn’t touch a dime of that sort of money?  Consistency, decency and honor dictate a series of refund checks, Marky-poo.  Do the right thing.  Prove me wrong.

4) Will anyone hear a peep out of Gary Peters?  I mean, other than his high dollar donors who shelled out big bucks last week for that fundraiser he held with Nancy Pelosi?  Even the man’s campaign website hasn’t been updated in over a week.  I guess when you’re planning appearances with the woman who’s single-handedly holding up relief at the pumps for 9th District residents you don’t have time for much else.

5) Will we see any progress out of the Bureau of Elections regarding the liberal extremist RMGN ballot proposal?  They’re hoping to sum up the eleven column document in one-hundred words and soon.  We’ll see how they do.

6) And of course, the question on everyone’s mind, will the Lions be able to capitalize on last week’s “big” preseason win with another against the Bengals?