Obama, Levin, Brewer et al Enabling Kilpatrick with Silence

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What’s a Michigan Democrat have to do to be directly criticized by other Michigan Democrats, get thrown in jail?  Well, no.  Apparently even that isn’t enough for most of them to sever ties or condemn the Mayor of Detroit for any of his sundry adventures with criminality (allegedly).  And with every lukewarm statement about the importance of “letting the legal process run its course” and flat denial to comment, MDP and her adherents permanently and forever cede the moral high ground and the right to righteous indignation.

Remember when you were growing up and there was that one house on the block where the kids ran roughshod over the parents on a daily basis?  Mom says “take out the trash” and Junior fired back “shut up, Mom!”  She’d put her hands on her hips, shake her head and intone in a semi-serious voice “now you stop that or you’re going to take a time out!”  Invariably Junior’s response would be to turn his head back to his Atari, butt-kicking free while mom stormed out of the room, unable to understand why the kid wouldn’t listen but unwilling to do anything about it.  Peak out the window and you’d see her making the trek to the silver can, garbage bag in hand.

Even as a kid, that always made me uncomfortable.  As soon as the boy yelled “shut up, Mom” I was dropping my joystick and headed for the door.  I’d seen it before and I knew that what was coming next was going to be a sad display of insubordination and ineffective parenting.  My thinking was, `get the heck out of dodge.’  I felt guilty by association.  After all, Junior was playing Joust with ME.  My continued presence only contributed to his attitude and his willingness to be a little snot and that’s not the way my mom raised me.

Read on…

We could run down Kwame Kilpatrick’s list of very public, Detroit damaging sins but we’d be here all day.  Suffice to say he was tossed in the clink yesterday and is expected to face felony assault charges this morning, stemming from last week’s attack of a Wayne County law enforcement officer at his sister’s home.  He’s demanded Detroiter’s “shut up” more times than anyone can count.  

Let’s keep it real.  Kwame Kilpatrick is a thug.  Plain and simple.  He’s now a jailed thug currently facing eight felony charges and staring down the barrel of at least one more.  He’s illegally fired union employees who acted as whistleblowers.  He’s lied about it under oath.  He’s broken his marriage vows and lied about that too.  He’s physically attacked an officer of the court and he’s thumbed his nose at the justice system, ignoring court orders so he could head to Canada without so much as a phone call when dropping a dime would have been all he’d needed to do to avoid further trouble.

Michigan Democrats are under ZERO obligation to save Kilpatrick from the wheels of the oncoming bus.  It’s going to run the man over and yet they continue to lie beside him in the street.  After yesterday’s shocking activity that saw Hizzoner fitted for a giant green jump suit and handed a plate full of prison slop we got demands for resignation from a couple folks on the left side of the aisle.  Credit where it’s due, Andy Dillon and the Chairman of the Macomb County Commission told the man to resign.  Everyone else?  No such luck.  They won’t even speak Kilpatrick’s name, let alone criticize him.  

According to the Detroit News we get statements from the likes of Barack Obama’s campaign and Carl Levin who each address “serious charges” and talk about Detroit but refuse to speak word one of condemnation for the Mayor.  Understandable for Obama… Kilpatrick was a Barack Obama multiple-time-fundraiser and accredited super-delegate until his travel restrictions were yanked yesterday.  

Mark Brewer was asked to comment and the team over at MDP could only muster “I think people are entitled to their opinions.”

You’re right, Mark.  They are.  So why won’t any of your cronies and office holders voice theirs?

Because while their voices remain conspicuously absent (Debbie Stabenow and Detroit area members of Congress couldn’t even be bothered to issue a statement) the rest of the world is having their say.  The Ivory Tower reports:

Widely perceived as a national and overseas embarrassment to the city, news of the mayor’s incarceration blasted around the world Thursday with such speed that it was difficult to call far-flung sources and surprise them with the story. And the people who already had seen it agreed it was another bad blow to Detroit’s already suffering image as a place of economic turmoil, shuttered plants and high crime…

Larry Sabato, the oft-quoted director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, was caught waiting for a plane at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. And the TV broadcasts in the terminal were full of it.

“I’ve probably seen this report 10 times,” he said. “Imagine having hundreds of thousands of people see this embarrassment for the cityof Detroit today.”

Try millions of people, more likely. The story was featured prominently for hours on the New York Times’ Web site, USA Today and the Huffington Post.

Michigan Democrats… you do NOT have to give this guy a pass.  By refusing to demand a resignation, refusing to openly condemn the man you’re doing what the fancy clinicians term “enabling.”  In other words, you’re not just standing idly by when you stand idly by.  You’re becoming a part of the problem and Michigan is paying the price.  Our neighbors… they’re getting uncomfortable, they’re getting off the livingroom floor and they’re leaving.

It’s time Obama, Levin, Granholm, Cherry, Dennis Archer and Michigan’s Congressional delegation pull their heads out of the sand.  Drop the joystick, turn off the Atari and take out the trash.