"Hypocrisy... Yay!"

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(Laugh-riot courtesy the Saginaw News.)

Fickleness thy name is Jennifer.  Remember a few years ago, sitting in front of the TV watching the Governor talk, John Cherry smiling like an out-of-touch fool behind her, laying out how swell Michigan’s economy was and promising real improvements in the coming years?  What they didn’t tell us was that their devastatingly misguided efforts would include billions in new taxes and a job attraction / retention process based entirely on picking winners and losers (because the Soviets proved that was the trendy thing to do).  

We held one hand over our mouths while the other reached for the Pepto as the left deified the woman as some sort of tax cutting, small government maven, never mind pesky little things like facts.  The only thing with dollar signs that’s growing in Michigan under this administration is the size of the state budget and the amount of green you and I send to the Capitol city every-other Friday.  

The entirety of the State took a two-by-four to the back of the head with Lansing Democrats’ massive $1.5 billion tax increase last year, compounded by a spike in the minimum wage that didn’t just cost you an extra dollar on your Long John Silver’s Fish and More platter, it cost the neighbor kid down the street the chance at his first summer job.

These were necessary steps on the path to improving Michigan’s economy, we were told.  So it’s always interesting when you see a big lefty crowd cheering and flashing thumbs to heaven over the idea of granting a tax CUT.  Even more interesting when you ask them to explain their enthusiasm.  The Saginaw News reports this morning on the PR hoopla surrounding a $300 to $350 million tax cut (over twelve years) for Hemlock Semiconductor in Bay County.  

Read on…

The picture you see at the top was snapped during the ceremony while the Governor proclaimed that this one, particular, singular, lonely tax cut will “revolutionize” the state’s economy.  A $25 million a year silver bullet if you will.  

She went on to say that reducing the company’s taxes sends a clear message to Thomas Township-based HSC that “we want you here.”  House Democrats agreed and showered her with affirmation.

Of course that puts them in a little bit of a bind.  If a tax cut sends a “clear message” that “we want you here” then what message does a tax increase send?  Something along the lines of “leave, please?”

It’s groovy-squared to give a Michigan job maker a massive break on what are otherwise oppressive, often crippling state taxes.  This move alone is expected to create 500 jobs over the next two or three years.  To quote a certain hotel heiress in what has quickly become one of my all-time-favorite political ads, “loves it.”

The fancy-pants ceremony yesterday featured an economically two-faced governor surrounded by lawmakers from both parties.  The Republicans that were in attendance had every reason to join representatives of the company in cheering a little bit of progress.  The Guv and her merry band of incompetents, every single one a YES vote on a series of mammoth tax increases that followed the first and only government shutdown in Michigan history, are hoping you’ll let them have their cake and eat it too.

The entire production proves that at least on some level these people understand economics.  If the government takes less from job makers they are more likely to invest and… drum roll… make jobs.  The converse is necessarily true.  If the government takes more from job makers they are less likely to invest and will often trim jobs in order to pay the tax man.  The trick, apparently, is knowing when and where to hold your press conferences and outdoor ceremonies.  

Big thumbs up for job killing inconsistency!