Go VOTE (after you read this)!

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How often do we decry the lack of good people in politics?  The run to the center by men and women who claimed to be on the right?  Folks abandoning their principles and going along to get along?  

We complain about it more often than it happens but that’s only a reflection of how much we care about the issues facing Michigan.  Today we’ve got a chance to do something about it.  In many primary contests we have a choice between good, better and best.  In a few there’s no choice at all and in fewer still there’s a legitimate chance to go RINO hunting.  

We’ve also got new millages, returning millages, expanding millages, desperate millages, short millages, tall millages… alright, so all but the last couple.

Just a shame that so few people will actually head to the polls today.  Voter turnout for primary contests is notoriously light and Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land is predicting sub-20s this time around.

But depending on how you look at it, that may be more blessing than curse.  

Read on…

When one-hundred people show up at the polls you represent 1/100th of the total influence on the results.  When fifty show up suddenly you’re 1/50th.  Twenty?  1/20th.  Pretty basic math.  Your influence today will stretch a lot further than it might in November.

We have both an opportunity and a responsibility today.  Get to the polls and cast your vote for the solid conservatives running for office in your House District, Ward, Township, Fiefdom, Duchy, you name it.  

Today is the chance to nip future problems right in the bud.  Somewhere along the line Barack Obama won a primary contest and now look at the man, running around Michigan telling folks he wants to “end the age of oil,” demanding that the oil industry scratch giant checks to every man, woman and child anywhere on the fruited plain.  (Interestingly, he’s not offering a plan where the government would scratch a $1,000 rebate even though the government takes in more profit on every gallon of oil than “Big Oil,” but I digress.)

Somewhere along the line Kwame Kilpatrick won a primary race and now look at THAT man, being hounded by the police after assaulting a cop last week.

The tax and spend policies that we see across Wayne County and infesting the Capitol these days each got their start in one primary election in one county in one city or township on a day like today.  And the results?  Those are affecting us all.  The Detroit News has a featured report this morning about working class folks here in Michigan tightening our belts again, struggling with rising tax bills and shrinking paychecks.  

Now yeah, sure, Obama, Kilpatrick, Granholm and John Cherry, they’re all Democrats.  Sadly, they’re enabled far too often by one or two “Republicans” who abandon conservative principles.  The time for aiding and abetting the enemies of Michigan’s working moms and dads is over.  It must be over.  But only if you get informed and vote today.  

And on that note… some good folks with some good advice can be found here…

  • Right to Life Endorsements
  • Chamber of Commerce Endorsements
  • GLEP Endorsements:

    House District 5–Bert Johnson
    House District 7–Carol Weaver
    House District 11–Anthony Bradford
    House District 19–John Walsh
    House District 20–Jerry Vorva
    House District 36–Peter Lund
    House District 37–Paul Welday
    House District 44–Eileen Kowall
    House District 45–Tom McMillin
    House District 59–Matt Lori
    House District 63–James Bolger
    House District 66–Bill Rogers
    House District 90–Joe Haveman
    House District 91–Holly Hughes
    House District 98–Jim Stamas
    House District 101–Mike McManus

    Now… the polls are open… go vote!