Obama flip-flops again, now taking advice from RightMichigan.com (Which is pretty cool!)

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Oh what a difference a week’s worth of lousy polling makes.  Turns out it’s capable of taking the Democratic nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America and convincing him to follow the advice, nay, demands of RightMichigan.com.  Did you notice how Barack Obama couldn’t have cared less about Michigan back when he was consistently polling six or eight points ahead in the traditionally Democratic stronghold?  A state that hasn’t gone red in twenty years?

Sure, he swung by with the mother and child abandoning John Edwards.  Yep, he made a stop in Detroit with Algore too, the man who wants to outlaw the internal combustion engine.  But other than some pretty crummy choices for co-star Michigan got very little love.  The biggest issue remains our delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Remember, earlier this year there was that little tiff inside the Dem family because Michi-anders had the gall to vote when we wanted to vote (just not for Obama… he demanded his name be taken off the ballot).  As punishment our delegates were initially barred from the convention before finally being granted access but only half a vote.  

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Release a couple of public opinion surveys that show The One clinging to a lead well inside the margin of error here in the Great Lakes State and it was only a matter of time before the man flipped one more flop.  He’s now doing what we’ve been demanding here for months, asking that Howard Dean and the DNC grant Michigan’s legally elected and certified delegates a full voice and vote in Denver.

The Associated Press reports that this latest change of heart could have some serious ramifications on primary calendars four years from now when the Democrats have to nominate a new candidate:

Granting full voting rights to the delegates raises questions about whether the party will be able to control its own nominating process in the future.

Obama said he supported the party’s efforts to control the primary calendar.

Until he came crashing back to earth in the polls last week.  The way the man has characterized himself as the subject of epiphanies, a being capable of stopping the rise of the oceans and someone generally capable of turning water into wine the new poll numbers almost stir an image of a celestial being, cast out of heaven.  

There’s been a lot of talk about how John McCain had a problem with the base immediately after securing the GOP nomination and most of the talk was true.  But the candidate has been working and the party has been solidifying around him now for months.  Obama is going in exactly the opposite direction.  Since securing his nomination he’s begun a serious run to the middle and a day rarely goes by when he doesn’t change his position on one topic or another.  The real magic trick isn’t the way he switches positions… it’s the way he claims he’s never switched positions.  

Before this election is over I swear we’re going to have a new Democratic catch phrase.  For years it was “I did NOT.  HAVE.  SEX.  WITH THAT WOMAN.”  Enter: “It’s always been my position and I’ve said from the start…”

Well no, no it hasn’t been and no you haven’t.  

He’s flipped on the troop surge.  On the surrendering.  On the troop surge again.  On domestic drilling.  On public finance.  Now, he’s listening to this website on Michigan’s national convention delegates.

Senator Obama, since I know you’re reading, I want you to know that I mean it when I say thanks for this flip flop.  I just wish you’d been on Michigan’s side from the start.  But just so you know, we have pretty good memories here on both peninsulas.  Even your most ardent supporters know in the quiet of their hearts (notice, Tami, I didn’t say “black hearts”) that you screwed Michigan when it suited you politically before switching positions when that suited you better.  Anytime you’re ready to actually care about us, our issues and our jobs crisis you just let us know.  We’ll still be here, albeit in dwindling numbers.