If THIS isn't a political party worth supporting, I don't know what is

Sometimes I really wish I lived in Detroit.  It isn’t just the state’s biggest city and the home to my beloved Tigers (you can’t see me right now but if you could you would see that I am shaking my head in disappointment right now), it’s where all of the action is.  Where else in the entire country do you have a twice elected and seated Mayor attacking police detectives and fighting for his political life while past… we’ll call them indiscretions… seep out of the woodwork and the Governor of the State shocking me, if no one else, by possibly taking a somewhat tangible step towards impeaching the man from one-hundred miles outside the city’s boundaries?

And where else in the country is the best fight in town at the local church?

Only in the D.  Thank HEAVEN there’s a Presidential race going on, a foreclosure and banking crisis and a war overseas to divert the national spotlight away from Michigan’s trademark region.  Issues like these don’t necessarily do much to instill confidence in families and job makers who might be looking for a change of scenery.  Unless they’re like me and they can’t look away.  

Apparently the Governor is coming along in that direction now, too, announcing yesterday that she’s established a timeline for mayoral removal proceedings.  Remember, it was a month-plus back now that the all-Democrat Detroit City Council (upstanding citizens, all of them) asked the Democrat Governor to impeach their Democrat Mayor.  (Makes a guy want to join MDP, doesn’t it?)  

Read on…

If the Gov decides that there does indeed need to be a removal hearing it will be September 3rd.  The Detroit News reports:

It was the first public indication from the governor of when she might make a decision on the saga that has gripped the city since January. Until Monday, she only said final legal filings are due the Friday after Labor Day from the mayor and the City Council, which is pushing for his ouster.

“The governor has concluded that it is in the public interest to accelerate the briefing schedule in this matter and to set a definite date for a hearing should one be determined necessary,” Kelly G. Keenan, the governor’s legal counsel, wrote lawyers representing the mayor and the City Council.

This is a major change for Jennifer.  She’d been hesitant to touch this thing with a ten foot pole up until now, and who could blame her.  She’s a far-left partisan.  Why attack another Democrat?  Toss Detroit and Michigan families under the bus and let the man run around doing whatever he wants, as long as it doesn’t hurt the party’s brand ID.  But attacking police detectives, that might have been a step too far even for Granholm.

Funny thing is, it looks like that wasn’t a step too far for many Detroiters.  They filed into a church gymnasium last night, by all reports to overwhelmingly support the Mayor’s mom in her reelection bid in the 13th Congressional race.  The Associated Press reports:

U.S. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick and two challengers in the Aug. 5 Democratic primary appeared at Perfecting Church, where several hundred people had crowded inside a sweltering gym. She again defended her son and said she is an effective advocate for Detroit in Washington…

Both challengers attacked Kilpatrick, but neither got much traction in front of the vocally pro-Kilpatrick audience, many of whom wore her campaign T-shirts.

AP says “vocal” but the Ivory Tower paints a more vibrant picture:

As much as moderator Bankole Thompson of the Michigan Chronicle tried to maintain order… the audience was ready for a fight.

When Waters chided Cheeks Kilpatrick for being “asleep at the wheel” when the U.S. Postal Service decided to send a sorting center from Detroit to Pontiac, she added, “They just had another party at the mansion yesterday,” referring to a meeting Kwame Kilpatrick had with postal workers at the mayoral residence on Sunday.

The crowd yelled its disapproval until Pastor Marvin Winans stepped up to restore order.

Let me pause for a minute and say something NICE about Detroit and the mob scene last night.  OK, well, about something tangentially related to Detroit and the mob scene last night.  Pastor Marvin WInans and the Perfecting Church get high marks.  And no, I’m being totally serious.

First things first, to hold a political event at a church in Detroit, that’s par for the course.  That’s not the way we do things over here in west Michigan but church-culture and partisan Democratic Party politics are attached at both hips in the D.  Note, though, that Pastor Winans held the event in the church gymnasium.  If you’ve been to Perfecting you know that prooooobably wasn’t just because of space considerations.  Their auditorium / sanctuary is huge.  Mammoth.  They want to have the candidates up around the pulpit they could pull that off.

But this was going to be ugly.  They went to the gym.  

Another note, and I don’t know if I should tell our lefty friends or not… but Perfecting has it’s own giant charter school.  Right in the middle of Detroit.  And they produce amazing results.  

During the 06 campaign I had the chance to visit a lot of churches in Detroit, to meet a lot of “pastors” and to tour plenty of charter schools.  Perfecting and Marvin Winans stood out in every category.  Unfortunately, there are far more Detroiters like those in the audience than there are like the Pastor.  Folks who will turn out to blindly shout, scream, holler and defend the lefty status quo.  

Kilpatrick will coast on Tuesday not only because she has two primary opponents but because the average Detroit resident remains convinced that A) the problems are being created elsewhere and B) they are the last people who need to take any responsibility for fixing them.  That’s why you see the same cast of characters cycle after cycle.  Take Jennifer Granholm and her low twenties statewide approval rating, run her against God Himself and she’d still carry 92% of the vote in Detroit.  But hey, you get what you vote for.