MI:13-- Clock is ticking on RMGN, Primary Races

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Ready for another wild week?  Eight days until Michigan’s primary and outside of editorial endorsements it can still be like pulling teeth to get any coverage in the MSM.  Not that you can blame them.  Voters themselves rarely and infrequently show up for non-Presidential primary elections so why waste the ink and paper, right?  

Besides, there’s plenty of other political news muscling its way into newspapers across the state.  We’re even still hearing from a veritable cavalcade of Michigan Democratic Party stars who can’t find cameras and microphones fast enough to denounce Mark Brewer and John Cherry’s extremist Reform Michigan Government Now scheme.  We’ve got an official front-runner for quote of the cycle, now, too. Courtesy Peter Luke’s column on MLIVE:

Asked last week if he like the proposal, Sen. John Gleason, D-Flushing, said it “comes in second to the hemorrhoid operation I had three years ago.”

Luke, for his part, disagrees.  The rest of his column reads like the sort of apoplectic, liberal rants / conversations you’d expect to overhear after-hours and after-two-or-three-pints at one of Lansing’s sundry “night spots.”  ‘RMGN meant well.’  ‘It should have gone further.’  ‘How sad MDP under-shot this thing.’

Read on…

The author tosses any pretense of objectivity out the window when he asserts, presumably straight-faced, that it isn’t REEEEAALLY even that liberal a proposal. Sure, it may secure a permanent legislative majority for the Democrats and eliminate two GOP members of the Michigan Supreme Court but it doesn’t appear to address Republican chances to capture the Governor’s seat in 2010 and… even better… it could have (get the sense he meant “should have”) eliminated THREE GOP members of the high court.  

That’d be like Jim Tressel looking Michigan fans in the face after the proverbial 72-0 trouncing of a Lloyd Carr team and insisting he didn’t run up the score.  After all, they DID settle for three field goals!

But in Peter’s defense, his article is printed in the “blog” section of the online news site.  It might be liberal tripe on an MSM web page but there’s no pretense that it is actually “news.”  So bully for them on that count.

On the process front, there’s still a campaign finance complaint (minus any input, still, from one Mr. Rich Robinson) and a lawsuit that could see a little movement this week.  Plus, remember, the Bureau of Elections still hasn’t issued a ruling on the validity of the lefty groups fraudulently collected signatures or said word one (of one-hundred) about the “form” of the question itself.

This week could be telling.

Another piece of crack journalism is over in the Ivory Tower where they report that many candidates have… gasp… families and interests that might affect their opinions and, thus, the way they do the job.  Because that NEVER happens.  We don’t elect people, we elect emotionless, unattached automatons in the FREEP’s world.  Or at least we should.  In this case they’re talking about the men and women hoping for a spot on the new body built to form a new Macomb County government. They’re worried that those far-too-human connections and opinions will get in the way of what’s best for the county.  

A county made up of people, by the way.  

On the media goofiness scale this one probably only ranks a two or a three but it just struck me as funny.  Plus, it’s an important set of contests!  Readers in Macomb County… check these guys out and make sure you don’t skip that part of your ballot.  Elsewhere…

This will, likely, also be the last week we get to pretend Kwame Kilpatrick’s mom might actually be out of a job.  Barring a major upset Yaws boy’s mom will walk out of a three-way contest with Mary Waters and Martha Scott in Michigan’s 13th over in Detroit.  But it’s been fun while it lasted.  Today’s Detroit News reports:

The fact that she has two challengers, rather than one, may work to the incumbent’s advantage.

“Because there are two who are dividing up the anti-incumbent vote, it’s hard to believe that the connection with her son is causing that much of a difficulty for her,” said pollster Bernie Porn of Lansing-based EPIC/MRA. “If she’s in danger, it would mean the connection is really taking a toll. If there was one candidate, it would make her more vulnerable, possibly in serious jeopardy.”

Martha Scott will probably wind up being the best thing that ever happened to Nancy Pelosi’s girlfriend.  Without her presence divvying up the anti-incumbent vote Mary Waters would be a tough challenge, especially with her willingness to run some nasty TV commercials that focus on the Congresswoman’s son’s ongoing criminal prosecution.

Plus, she’s right.  Detroit deserves better than “yaw’s boy.”  Unfortunately it looks like only Kym Worthy can do anything about that at this point.  Unless, of course, hizzoner keeps attacking police officers.