Liberal blogs taken for a ride and loving it!

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(Feigning my best Dwight Schrute) Question: What’s the difference between liberals in the mainstream media and liberals in the regressive online “new media?”

Answer: The mainstream media doesn’t like getting lied to and taken for a ride.  The regressisphere thinks a personal kick below the belt from their “betters” is just part of the job.

Bears, Beats, Battlestar Galactica.  

As the Detroit News reports this morning, Mark Brewer has consistently and emphatically denied having anything to do with the liberal extremists at Reform Michigan Government Now.  Instead they trotted out former Democrat lawmaker Diane Byrum who laughably claimed RMGN was a bi-partisan grass-roots effort.

But if yesterday’s big discovery of a messaging powerpoint titled Changing the rules of politics in Michigan to help Democrat proves anything beyond a shadow of a doubt it is that Brewer’s big, greasy mits are all over this thing.  The document contains dozens of references to “MDP,” promises in-kind donations potentially totaling millions of dollars from the Party and cites the results of weeks worth of polling and focus-grouping.  Polling and focus-grouping that someone had to develop, write, sponsor and pay for.

The UAW didn’t pay for it… they were the target of the powerpoint.  Diane Byrum’s lobbying and consultant organization didn’t pay for it… they’re do-ers working on a contract basis.  The Michigan Democrat Party and Mark Brewer don’t just have their fingerprints on this smoking gun, the police pulled up, watched them fire it and took live-action shots of them holding it while white plumes rose from the barrel.  

The only response from Michigan’s liberal blogs thus far comes to us courtesy of this video-blog…

The liberal Michigan media proper is willing to put up with a lot from the Dems but lying to their faces isn’t on their list of sins to tolerate.  I know, they’re kindred spirits.  They usually have the same policy goals and are willing to help one another accomplish them.  For most journalists these days they seem to view their jobs as less about reporting the news and more about advancing a cause.  The one thing they hate… being made to look foolish.  And Brewer took them for one heck of a ride.  

Read on…

Ron Dzwonkowski returned fire yesterday afternoon:

The bottom line here: Democrats didn’t see themselves winning anytime soon so they are out to change the game. And to get their ways, they are willing to bribe the voters with stuff that sounds appealing but really does nothing about the state’s real issues…

Interestingly, the politics behind it are predicated on public disgust with Gov. Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat, and the state legislature, which includes the Democratic-controlled House. Heaven forbid either should do something popular in the next few months and mess up this strategy. Take a look at the slide show. This thing isn’t yet assured of being on the ballot, but if it is, you ought to know what the end-game is all about.

Not exactly pulling his punches.  Stephen Henderson goes much further:

You heard rumors for weeks that the Reform Michigan Government Now! ballot proposal was some sinister plot by state Democrats to alter Michigan government to their advantage.

As I am with all conspiracy theories, I was skeptical.

But in a huge, “holy crap!” shocker, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy has uncovered evidence that suggests the ballot proposal is every bit the Machiavellian move that people feared.

…The slide show is devastating for Democrats.

First, it exposes a real spoilsport attitude that makes the party look hopelessly desperate for power that can’t be attained at the ballot box. It’s a “change the rules so we can win” strategy that is almost child-like, a near admission that the party has no appealing agenda or saleable platforms, just a stark hunger for power to protect its favored interests…

More shameful politics have rarely been exposed in this state.

The AP is talking about the lies.  Radio and TV stations statewide are talking about the lies.  Newspapers are writing Op-Eds and editorials.  The FREEP forum had twelve pages worth of comments only a couple hours after the PowerPoint was revealed.  

Now go ahead and contrast that with the response out of Michigan’s regressisphere.  Almost a full 24 hours later neither MI Liberal nor the slightly less unhinged B4M have bothered to print so much as a single comment discussing the situation.  Nothing on the front page.  No user diaries.  Zip, zilch and zero squared.  They’ve gone into total lockdown, chewing bandwidth talking about John McCain’s polite reception in front of the NAACP (nowhere near Michigan) and the happenings at a conference halfway across the country.

Guys, your Party just looked you in the eyes for more than a month and lied to you!  That doesn’t rub you the wrong way?  The new, independent media?  The self-styled kings and queens of Michigan’s alternative news?  The take-no-flack, tough as nails, attack dogs of web 2.0?

Or am I overlooking a distinct possibility here?  Was Brewer entirely up-front with you behind closed doors from the start?  Have you known the truth about this mass-perpetration of fraud on Michigan voters and allowed it to continue?

I know this is the 21st century and I know politics have fashionably gone cynical but heavens I’d love to go back to that bygone era where no one tolerated being lied to and even liberals had the panache to punch back when their own party kicked them below the belt.

Watching them roll around the floor, legs crossed in pain from the blow but with a giant smile on their faces is just plain unsettling.