Big Labor in Michigan as told by John McClane

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Lansing insider publication MIRS reported last night that the AFL-CIO is now willing to take some of the credit for bankrolling the lefty extremist Reform Michigan Government Now vivisection of state government.

The union’s President, Mark Gaffney, even admits to helping his pal Mark Brewer write the darn thing in an undiscosed smoke filled backroom somewhere around the state Capitol.  Transparency is so overrated, right Mark… and Mark?  

I’ve got another question for you… which one of you was the legal genius that decided to try to change the constitution by citing Section 11 of Article II, a non-existent portion of the constitution… A portion of the constitution only slightly more secret than the names of the rest of the big-dollar sugar-daddys who bankrolled this stealth attempt to subvert the democratic process by overturning legal election results?

Just asking.  MIRS did too.  Gaffney suddenly had no comment.

Another question the publication didn’t ask, Big Labor is one of the leading issues companies like VW and Toyota continually cite when they choose to build plants outside Michigan.  Big Labor is killing Michigan’s biggest industry.  Isn’t Big Labor satisfied with the job market?  Why the need to kill the Constitution, too?

Let me put it in my strictly metaphorical terms with the help of the greatest movie ever committed to film… Big Labor (Karl, Marco, a certain Mr. Gruber etc.) is here on a hostile takeover, they grab the constitution (Holly) for some greenmeal and they’re willing to nuke the whole building (the state of Michigan) to get away with it.  Of course, they didn’t expect some poison pill to be running around messing up the works.  (This one’s not for the kiddies…)

Did that bullet have “RTW” engraved on it?  I couldn’t tell… but after learning that the fraudulently presented illegal ballot proposal was a Big Labor production there’s really only one thing left to say…