Trump ... Why He Might Be Our Best Chance

I’m a Conservative.  I wish that Rick Perry would be the nominee.  However…this post is in reply to Gawken and I feel it is important.  Do I like the current situation in this country?  No…I do not.  Do I wish that America’s culture had not changed…Yes I do…but it has and I have to live with it.  I want someone that will deal with current conditions and somehow…nobody seems to get any traction.  I don’t want another GOPe in office because they are nothing but “dimocrat lite”.  We’re toast if we don’t change this mess we have gotten ourselves in because we “bought into lies”.  Here is my post to Gawken:

Gawken…First…I am looking at the reality of how others are looking at this.  First off…did I really cite the flaws of good Republicans.  No…the press did that.  What candidate…out of all of them has the record and the experience…Rick Perry…and btw…I love the guy.  Has the press trashed him Y or N.  Let’s talk about Jeb! shall we.  How exactly has he excited the base.  Immigration status…No…they don’t like his message.  Common Core…No…the base doesn’t like it either.  Will another Bush make it into the WH…No.  Why because the two previous Bushes spent…spent…spent and remember…Daddy Bush and his concepts (one world government) was the impetus that sped Ross Perot into running.  So..now that I have dissected Jeb!…and if you have any comments about Jeb!…I would love the hear them.  He can’t win.  Kasich…he was the GOPe backup quarterback for Jeb!…same philosophy…only he went further…he was DUMB enough to take Obamacare Medicaid.  Bad..bad…bad.  Y or N.  Christie cannot win outside of the NE.  Y or N.  Rubio…part of the Gang of whatever…will not be strong on immigration.  Huckabee…is sneaky and he is also of the DC establishment…he’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  I like [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ]…he is a fighter.  Will he win over the Indies and some of the dimocrats?  No…because they are too concerned about their GD abortion rights, etc. etc.  All left leaning crap like global warming, PETA, you name it…they won’t vote for Cruz.  The dimocrats are actually forming a committee to look into who filmed the exposure of fetal tissue sales!!!!!!!!!!!!

So…I would bad mouth the above people whether Trump was in the race or not.  Remember I did say who I liked…and the media has trashed them.

Here’s another thing.  Let’s look up that 14th Amendment.  I don’t know why anyone has not equated foreigners with Illegals…do you?   I mean if I had a baby in Mexico…would that baby be Mexican?  No.  Yet…who has brought that to the forefront and when the biased media (who is killing Perry) didn’t like the term anchor baby…Trump said “tough”.   So…it’s not just koolaid…it’s about the subject matter.

So now we have the American populace.  You bring up Atlanta City and he dealt with bad people.  You are right…he did.  So did Obama…i.e., Iran…who won….Iran.  Or we could look at his association(s) with Communists and the Mob in Chicago.  He’s been married three times…I’ve been married twice…does that make me bad?  Lots of people make mistakes…I did…and I’ve been married to my honey for 45 years now.

The National Review…really!  I’m not listening to the media…I am listening to the person talking…yet I heard O’Reilly tell Trump he was all but stupid about the 14th Amendment.  Is he?  Are Illegals foreigners…ME THINKS THE ANSWER IS YES.  It is too simple for the MSM to comprehend.

I know this is a long diary.  However…the next point and probably the most important.  If Trump has the GOPe standing on its head…what does that say about them…and what does that say about his negotiations with foreign terrorist countries…Iran for one.

When I was hot and heavy into negotiations…one had to watch body language…how they communicated with each other and it was fairly easy to close the deal. I would tell my seller…please don’t say anything…nothing.  The more they talked…the less money they got…because everyone knew where they and were too anxious so they shot themselves in the foot.  Same goes for Buyers…don’t talk about where you are going to put thus and so…because you have given up your “edge”.

Trump is well aware that America is Mad as hell and isn’t going to take it any longer. We’ve been talking about it on this site.  McConnell is all but a bag man for Obama.  Boehner has no guts.  So…with Hispanics rolling into this country along with Obama’s middle eastern friends….who has the greatest chance of closing the deal?  Conservatives are mad.  Independents don’t like immigration.  Unions don’t like immigration.  Blacks don’t like immigration and dimocrats don’t like immigration and higher taxes.  Many dimocrats are blue collar workers…who do they identify with…Trump or Jeb!…or Kasich?

When companies are forced to hired Foreigners, i.e., Illegals (press pick that up) instead of Americans…they like “Make America Great Again”.

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