What The Media's Fascination With "Oops" Really Means

Hi there fellow RedStaters. I feel that I really need to address this subject and also point out what Governor Perry’s plans, as reported, are.

Now, about “oops”. Back in the days when I worked for corporate General Electric, one of their sales mottoes was…if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it. Since Bob Dole…well, even before that..say pre-Ronald Reagan, we have had the media pick our winners. This is very unhealthy and the reason why is this: when you subordinate your gut instincts to that of another without a really good investigation, you have said to yourself: They are smarter than me. That is “some” of what is wrong with this country. We The People have been subordinated by We The Centralized Federal Government and We The Media. We need to believe we are innovative otherwise we won’t be. So, when the constant dumb beat goes on about a mistake (and who hasn’t made one), the public looks at the person as a mistake. In short, we are becoming “We The Sheeples”….NOT “We The People” because of our choice to subordinate.

OK, Governor Perry had an Oops moment…in fact he was not perfect last time around whether it was due to physical reasons or not. Consider this however…Imagine if George Washington quit after his first defeat. We’d still be part of Great Britain and there wouldn’t be a United States of America. As history has shown, he picked himself up, learned from his defeats and persevered to not only free us from England but later to become our First President. In Rightlane’s opinion, the person that learns from mistakes, admits them, corrects them and becomes a better person is greater than those who have never fallen at all. Those people, the latter never learn to be “greater than” because they see themselves as doing just fine and somehow I don’t think that is what our Creator’s Grand Design was meant be. I think I have made my point on this. So…onto some facts about Governor Perry.

. Entitlements: Raising requirement age for Social Security, lowering benefits for wealthy. States should be allowed to opt out. Now don’t go all haywire on this because we do have a city in Texas that was allowed to do so and they are a lot better off than we are, especially since Obama has allowed Illegals to claim Social Security benefits. Perry has proposed a redesign of the system.

Immmigration: Until border is sealed, NO path to citizenship. Wants all Illegals to go to back of immigration line and follow others on their path. He opposed the Dream Act which gave immigrants brought into the United States illegally as children citizenship. He does believe in allowing undocumented students access to in-state tuition. Now, I happen to agree with this. Reason, educated people earn more money and therefore contribute into the country they are in. We need to reduce this deficit and right now we are paying out through entitlements (Welfare, Food Stamps, free phones, etc.) more than undocumented STUDENTS are contributing.

Obamacare: Want to repeal and let states handle through free enterprise. He did reject Obamacare Medicaid expansion and any SANE governor should have done the same thing. Strings are ALWAYS attached with this administration.

Balanced Budget: Cap Federal Spending at 18% of GDP basing constitutional amendment requiring balancing the Federal budget.

Climate Change: Does not buy into Climate Change. Opponent of EPA regulations and while governor, sued that agency. Rightlane: Regulations is a multi-syllable word for TAXES.

Education: Opposes any Federal educational standards and is AGAINST Common Core. Have we not learned enough about the Federal Government? The closer people are to their government (state/local) the more control they have over it. Want your kid going on a field trip to an Adult Toy Store…let the Federal Government have control.

Social Issues: Ban abortion after 20 weeks with exception of life of mother. Would require sonograms before allowing abortion. Currently abortion is a Federal Right and Congress makes the law. Gay marriage should be decided by the States.

Taxes: Overhaul income taxes by replacing with single flat rate of 20%. The plan would allow for $12,500 deduction for each household member and keep deductions for mortgages and charitable donations. I like this. It would hurt me…but then…EVERYONE would contribute.

Iran/Israel: Block Iran deal. Iraq and Islamic States should have massive air strikes and boots on ground. Perry has called for increased air strikes. I (Rightlane) have heard and read that the United States under our current Commander-in-Chief has flown so few sorties that it has put our allies as well as ourselves in danger and emboldened ISIS.

I am not a professional writer, however the reason for me writing this diary was two fold….One, make up your own mind…don’t have it made up for you. This country, through the media focusing too much on the negative and never seeming to see the positive in anything is dysfunctional. There use to be a day when we celebrated success…it is time to begin again otherwise we will continue what is becoming our apathetic lives until all hope and the attainment of the greater good is gone for good. Secondly, I paraphrased much of Perry’s platform. Some you may agree with but I think that this information needs to be known.

As Governor Perry has said…this is a show me campaign…not a tell you campaign. He has a more impressive record than anyone running. He made mistakes…yes. However he has shown his metal by re-entering the race to help make us a better country…a country that is exceptional. Isn’t that what all people really want?

Thanks for reading…Rightlane