Boehner's State of the Nation Survey

Hello everybody. I still can’t link anything…maybe I need some update. But this isn’t about links. I received this from Boehner and I want you to know how I answered…and please put your two cents in.

  1. Please rank in order of important (1-10) the issues you would like Speak [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] to focus on in 2015.
    (1)    Secure the border and enforce our laws.
    (2)    Other:IMPEACH OBAMA
    (3)    Exercise vigorous oversight of the Obama administration.
    (4)    Cut Spending
    (5)    Get government out of the way of job creators
    (6)    Fix the tax code
    (7)    Repeal Obamacare and lower healthcare costs.
    (8)   Confront growing terrorist threat.
    (9)   Improve access to quality education
    (10) Eliminate excessive government red tape.
    (11) Ban taxpayer funding of abortions.
    (12) Reform our legal system   “Ha Ha..You are all lawyers, bite the hand that feeds you.”
  2. Do you agree with the majority of Americans who say the nation can do better with the GOP’s pro-jobs growth solution? ANSWER: NO…you don’t have a plan…or at least we haven’t heard of it so what is the GOP pro-jobs plan so I can agree?
  3. Do you support House Republican efforts to fight President Obama’s executive amnesty every step of the way?..BUT YOU CAVED AGAIN!
  4. Should the federal government work closely with state and local officials to stop border violence and enforce
    federal immigration laws?..BUT YOU CAVED AGAIN. HE BROKE THE LAW..IMPEACH
  5. Do you support American energy projects – like the Keystone XL pipeline – help create jobs and lower energy costs?    ANSWER: YES…but you caved AGAIN.
  6. Should America adopt House Republicans’ real “all-of-the-above” energy strategy to help build a strong economy?ANSWER: NO. No more loan guarantees for Obama’s solar panel buddies. Wind, natural gas, oil, clean coal, hydrogen fuel.
  7. Has Obamacare driven up the cost of health care for you or your family? ANSWER: YES
  8. Do you believe the Obama administration has been truthful about the true impact of the law’s tax hikes and burdensome mandates? ANSWER: When his lips are moving…HE IS LYING
  9. Has your employer been forced to cut hours, cut benefits, or hold off on new hiring as a result of Obamacare? lost hours means less revenue; benefits are gone because of costs to companies and any new hires are given preference to Illegals…not American citizens
  10. Do you support full repeal of Obamacare? YES…Do you have a plan in the works…pray tell
  11. Do you agree that legislation to replace Obamacare should be focused on patient-centered solutions to lower costs and increase access to quality care? ANSWER: Yes….again…DO YOU HAVE A PLAN IN MIND
  12. Do you back House Republicans in pressing forward with the investigation of the IRS’s illegal targeting of conservatives and conservative groups? ANSWER: Yes..however you will cave AND YOU TARGET CONSERVATIVE GROUPS, I.E., [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ].
  13. Would you say that the federal tax code is fair and easy to understand? ANSWER: NO. You are all lawyers. America wants a Fair or Flat Tax
  14. Do you agree that lower tax rates promote economic growth, boost wages and lead to more jobs? ANSWER: Yes…HOWEVER, we now have the highest tax rates in the world. How can we compete or save?  Answer:  NO
  15. Do you believe that closing loopholes, lowering overall rates, and creating a fairer, simpler tax code would help bring home jobs that have gone overseas in recent years? ANSWER: YES…pass a bill lowering those rates
  16. Do you agree that the tax code should be simple enough to allow Americans to do their taxes on two sheets of paper? ANSWER: Yes…but you are all lawyers and we wouldn’t need you any more
  17. Do you believe that federal bureaucrats should have the power to propose and implement major regulations without the approval of the people’s representatives in Congress? ANSWER: NO…BUT YOU CAVED, AND CAVED, AND CAVED
  18. Should Republicans continue to press to get to the full truth about the terror attack that resulted in the loss of four American lives in Benghazi, Libya? ANSWER: YES!! Are you going to CAVE AGAIN? Don’t forget the gun–running
  19. Do you share President Obama’s view that government drives economic growth by redistributing huge amounts of money through government programs and “stimulus” projects?ANSWER: NO…BUT YOU CAVED AGAIN. I don’t share any views with Obama. Because YOU CAVED…you are also of the ‘COLLECTIVE MINDSET’.
  20. President Obama has said Washington DOES NOT have spending problems. Do you agree?ANSWER: NO…You are kidding..when two flights are required for the same destination, then we are wasting money…among other little get-aways and golf junkets. Besides, Congress feeds at the trough of the Chamber of Commerce and K Street
  21. Do you agree that spending cuts…not tax hikes .. are the best way to get our fiscal house in order?ANSWER: At $18 trillion it will take BOTH
  22. Do you support House Republicans’ landmark bank on all earmarks?ANSWER: Yes. The Republicans can lead by example and stop feeding at the trough of the Chamber of Commerce and K Street. Stop ALL THE EARMARKS
  23. Do you agree that the nation’s $18 trillion debt is a grave threat to our children and grandchildren?ANSWER: YES…and not just them but the CITIZENS that are 21 and older
  24. Do you support House Republican efforts to balance the budget and achieve meaningful reforms to strengthen critical programs like Social Security and Medicare?ANSWER: YES..stop giving my Social Security and Medicare to Illegals…that would be a good starter plan
  25. Should the United States toughen sanctions against Iran to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon?ANSWER: YOU CAVED. Besides, Obama has SECRET MEETINGS with the terrorist country and you have not held him accountable. Violation of the Constitution…IMPEACH
  26. Do you agree with House Republicans that we need a comprehensive strategy to defeat and destroy ISIS.  You don’t have a plan and I do. They need to be eradicated from the planet by ALL means at our disposal
  27. Should the Obama administration be allowed to import foreign terrorists housed at Guantanamo Bay to the United States?  ANSWER: You are kidding again…right. You work for and are paid by the citizens of the United States. NO TERRORIST should be allowed into this country UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES
  28. Do you support Americans’ Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms?ANSWER: Yes. Why is Congress not stopping Obama from buying up ammo? Is this another way around the Second Amendment?
  29. Do you support House Republicans’ efforts to require all legislation to cite its authority in the Constitution? ANSWER: Just getting around to thinking about that? This House has not called on Obama to stop his over-reach. Impeach him.
  30. Should House Republicans continue to fight to stop taxpayer funding of elective abortions? ANSWER: Yes. This is an immoral procedure. This particular issue should be given over to the states.
  31. Do you support reforms to our legal system to better protect victims and consumers while also giving manufacturers and small businesses confidence to keep jobs in America? I am not in favor or MORE REGULATION. However, at the present time our government is dictating to companies and compensating them for hiring Illegal immigrants over US citizens. This is treason to the American citizenry..
  32. Do you agree that parents should have more choices to help their kids get the best education possible? However, give the Education Department back to the states and do not REQUIRE COMMON CORE. It wastes money.
  33. Do you support the work being done by Speaker [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] and Republicans in Congress to address your concerns,        fight for your priorities and get our nation’s economy growing again?ANSWER: I crossed out their contribution amount and stated this: “NO, I want [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] to resign as Speaker ASAP. Your policies are anti-American and anti-Conservative. P.S. NO to Jeb Bush.

Thank you for reading through this. Now you can see why there are so many Low Information voters out there. They, the Republicans keep referring to these questions as theirs. They have not done anything about any of them nor have I hear of any of them.