American Sniper and its Opening Message

I posted my thoughts on this movie on EE’s post.  However, I feel compelled to write about this.  I’m not a journalist…so if there are mistakes…I am sorry.  However..let me go forward.  

I tried to get tickets to this movie in one town up here in NE Georgia.  SOLD OUT FOR THREE DAYS…All showings.  We finally got in and we were one of the last to do so.

There was a very important message in that film and I am going to highlight this.  When Chris Kyle was a boy his father told him that there were three types of people in the world, sheep, bullies and sheep dogs.  His father told his sons that it was the duty of the sheep dogs to protect the sheep against the bullies.

OK…so who are the sheep.  Well, imo, they are the people that believe just about anything in the “headlines” and don’t look further than that.  They are the people that can’t concern themselves with who is president.  In short, they are low information voters or people that don’t like to “get involved”.  You know them, “it’s only a blip on the radar”; “what difference does it make”, etc. etc.  Many of them don’t vote because they don’t know the “VALUE” of a vote.  They go along to get along.

Then we have the bullies.  We have all experienced them.  It seems they start out that way in grade school.  Too bad many of them grow up to be our representatives in government…NOT TO MENTION PRESIDENT.  It’s “their way or the highway”.  If you don’t agree…well, you are punished,  be it economical, mental or physical.  Can we all SHOUT OBAMACARE for example and that is one of many that we suffer from.

Then we have the sheep dogs and they protect the sheep against the bullies.  Chris Kyle was one of those sheep dogs.  However, we known  many people that are.   When you think about it in this context…your mother or father might have been.  Your coach in school might have been.  Your priest or minister, for instance.   I would suggest that President Reagan was.

So, first go see the movie.  It was supposed to make $80 million over the weekend…it made $105 million.  It is excellent and it paints a picture of what we are up against, the evil of our enemies and the patriotism of Americans.

It is also my suggestion that when considering our 2016 candidate that we look for the quality of the sheep dog; a true leader, one with a vision.   Too many sheep to protect.  The bullies are multiplying and we need the SHEEP DOG.

If you are read any of my posts…you know who I consider the bullies who are thinking about 2016 for the Republican nomination.  Needless to say, Hilliary Clinton and the Indian are bullies.

Using this criteria as a guideline…who are the sheepdogs…and you have your nominee.