Illinois Primary: Angry Thoughts in < 140 Characters

  • IL primary should be a lesson to Conservatives.  Need to pay closer attention to the Congressional Primary dates: http://is.gd/7AJAE
  • Conservatives lost in IL today…time 2 move on. Next stop, TX primary 3/2/10.  Start promoting this guy…http://is.gd/79CGp
  • Not a good day for conservative candidates in Illinois. Bad timing with very early primary (& right after MA race) We will not relent!
  • Discouraged by Illinois primary? Don’t be.  Support folks like these: http://is.gd/7AOwD
  • Tea Party forces will not waste resources on liberal Republicans in Nov.  Folks like Rubio & Toomey will get our support.
  • Does the GOP really think that it can beat the Dems at their own game? We don’t NEED 2 liberal parties.
  • GOP will go extinct if it does not offer real, distinct alternatives to the Dem candidates.