Meet Mark Kirk

Take a moment to meet Mark Kirk, candidate for U.S. Senate in Illinois.

Mark Kirk…

For this stellar performance as a liberal RINO, Representative Mark Kirk has earned a score of 48 (out of 100) from the American Conservative Union. Looking at it from another angle, Kirk is 52% liberal.

In a state where conservatives outnumber liberals by 12 percentage points, I struggle to understand why establishment Republicans like John McCain have chosen to put their thumbs on the scale for Mark Kirk’s candidacy before the GOP primary.

Have they learned nothing from the fine example set by Arlen Specter? Have they learned nothing from the Dede Scozzafava debacle?
Cap’n Trade Kirk must be stopped…but we only have seven days! The GOP senate primary is on February 2nd. Fortunately there’s a solid conservative for whom we can rally: Patrick Hughes.

Hughes is the most serious conservative candidate running against Mark Kirk:

If conservatives come out early next week in an organized fashion, throw a pile of targeted money into Illinois, and rapidly drive up Pat Hughes’ name identification, the polling in Illinois suggests Hughes will win.

He is not polling well against Kirk right now, but then he has significantly lower name identification. All the polling suggests Kirk’s support is very weak and once people find out about Hughes, they break overwhelmingly for Hughes.

[emphasis added]

Learn more about Patrick Hughes.