The Paleocons are Right! Neoconservatives are Ruining the Republican Party!

Did you know that the first Neoconservatives in the Republican Party were former liberals from the Democratic Party? Yup it’s true! Back in the early 1970’s towards the end of the Vietnam War some liberals defected from the Democratic Party and came and set up shop in the Republican Party. They gained some influence during the Reagan years and now they run the party.

Back during the Reagan years a fight broke out between two factions in the party. These factions would be called the Paleoconservatives and Neoconservatives. The Paleoconservatives argued that the Neoconservatives were illegitimate interlopers in the conservative movement and that the Paleoconservatives are the legitimate heirs to the American conservative tradition. Today, these two factions are still fighting. The Neoconservatives are  a much bigger more powerful faction and I don’t understand why so many Republicans stand by them when the Neoconservatives are simply Liberal Republicans.

The Paleoconservatives are the real conservatives. They are intelligent and honest. Neoconservatives are frauds! They are hypocrites, liars and unintelligent which makes sense because they are liberals. They are Liberal Republicans who have taken over the party and hurt it.

Lets take a look at were both factions stand on the main issues:


Neoconservatives: Claim to follow the Constitution but sometimes they don’t. If a Democrat creates a law that is unconstitutional then neoconservatives would strongly fight it but if a Republican were to create a law that was unconstitutional they would support it.

Paleoconservatives: They see the Constitution as the highest law of the land. Any law or measure that rejects, misinterprets or bypasses the Constitution is unacceptable. They follow the Constitution very strictly and support an original intent reading of it. Paleocons are sometimes called “constitutional conservatives.”


Neoconservatives: Even though they claim to follow the Constitution they strongly support the Patriot Act which violates American citizen’s constitutional rights. This is a perfect example of them not following the Constitution.

Paleoconservatives: Since they are strong supporters of the Constitution they strongly oppose the Patriot Act.


Neoconservatives: Always talk about supporting a small limited federal government but they never ever make it smaller and barely attempt to make it smaller. It just gets bigger under there watch. Ronald Reagan when he was president talked about making the government smaller but he did not make it smaller even though many conservatives try and say he did. George W. Bush as president made the federal government much, much bigger! Neoconservatives will give you a pass on making the federal government bigger as long as you are a Republican. Neoconservatives are “big government conservatives.” They only talk about supporting a small federal government to get votes.

Paleoconservatives: Strongly support a small limited federal government and they are constantly talking about abolishing many federal government agencies to make it smaller. I barely ever hear neoconservatives talking about abolishing government agencies.


Neoconservatives: They support tax cuts and cut taxes but they also claim to support cutting spending but they barely ever cut it. They also claim to want a balanced budget but they have done nothing but create massive deficits! They always cut taxes but never lower spending and when you cut taxes you create less revenue and must lower spending or else you end up with budget deficits and this is what has happened. They think deficits are “not that big of a deal.” Pork barrel spending has also gone up under Republicans. Starting with Reagan’s presidency to present time all Republican presidents have grown the deficit pretty big. This started with Reagan’s presidency and like I said Reagan’s administration was the start of the neoconservatives influence. Reagan grew the deficit pretty big and George W. Bush grew it massively. Republicans look like big hypocrites when they yell at Obama for creating big deficits but don’t mention that the last couple Republican presidents have created big deficits too.

Paleoconservatives: Strongly support tax cuts and cutting the spending. Also strongly support a balanced budget. They are deeply concerned with the large amount of debt the United States is in.


Neconservatives: They talk about cutting the spending on welfare programs yet they barely ever do it. They sometimes talk about getting rid of welfare but it’s a lie and they do not completely oppose welfare. They support a moderate system of welfare. The first neoconservatives supported most of the New Deal. Like I said earlier the fist neoconservatives were liberals in the Democratic Party.

Paleoconservatives: They support dismantling welfare completely.


Neoconservatives: They are in bed with corporations and practice crony capitalism which makes capitalism look bad. They support corporate welfare. They will do whatever big business tells them to.

Paleoconservatives: Are anti-corporatism. They are skeptical of big business and don’t trust them. They think big business deserves as much skepticism as big government. Since Paleocons strongly support cutting spending they support cutting off corporate welfare.


Neoconservatives: Want to keep it.

Paleoconservatives: Want to abolish it and replace it with a constitutional monetary system.


Neoconservatives: They support free trade but if you look back in history it was actually always the Democratic Party who supported free trade and lower tariffs and the Republican Party supported protectionism and high tariffs ever since the founding of the party. Over the last few decades the parties have seemed to swap stances on this issue. They support globalization. By the way liberal economist Paul Krugman supports free trade.

Paleoconservatives: Since Paleoconservatives are “old conservatives” they support the party’s traditional stance of protectionism and high tariffs. They see free trade as a failure due to the disintegration of America’s manufacturing base and American dependence on imports. Free trade has caused lost jobs due to outsourcing and ever since America started free trade its trade deficit has grown massive. They oppose globalization. Palecons do support free market capitalism but not free trade.


Neoconservatives: They support a very aggressive foreign policy that includes preemptive war. They support imperialism. They support nation building. They support a strong military and a big inflated military budget. They support a Wilsonian foreign policy and Wilson was a Democrat. There foreign policy is actually dangerous to America. One reason it is dangerous is because it can cause blow back. If there is a war going on in another country Neoconservatives may get America involved in it to help out one side but this causes America to gain enemies. One reason Osama Bin Laden attacked America is because America is heavily supportive of Israel sending them foreign aid. Al-Qaeda has said numerous times one reason they attacked us is because of our support for Israel. Al-Qaeda did not attack us because they hate our freedoms like all Neoconservatives try to say.

Paleoconservatives: Are non-interventionists. They will only go to war if the US is threatened by another country or attacked. Oppose imperialism. They support a strong national defense and a big military but they also believe our military budget is way too wasteful and should be cut down a little. Look back in the 20th century and see who started all the major wars and who ended them. Throughout the 20th century, and including four substantial wars abroad, conservatives had been steadfastly the voices of non-inflationary military budgets, and of an emphasis on trade in the world instead of American nationalism. In the two World Wars, in Korea, and in Vietnam, the leaders of American entry into war were such renowned liberal-progressives as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. In all four episodes conservatives, both in the national government and in the rank and file, were largely hostile to intervention.


Neoconservatives: They support giving out foreign aid which is taxpayer’s money. Like I said they always talk about cutting spending but never ever do it. Neoconservatives are globalists (not the same as globalization). Globalists place the interests of the entire world before America. They give foreign aid to other countries when America could really use that money instead. America should come first not other countries.

Paleoconservatives: Since they strongly support cutting spending they oppose all foreign aid. They oppose globalism.


Neoconservatives: Want to keep us enrolled in all international treaties and organizations.

Paleoconservatives: Believe we should withdraw from all international treaties and organizations we have joined like the United Nations and NATO. Believe America should be more independent.


Neoconservatives: They claim to oppose illegal immigration but there actions have shown this is false. Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants and George W. Bush signed the DREAM Act.

Paleoconservatives: They oppose illegal immigration and support reducing legal immigration. Paleocons believe a fence should be built at the border and instead of policing the rest of the world they believe we should police our borders much more.


Both oppose abortion & gay marriage except the neoconservatives say they support states rights on these issues but they have demanded the federal government intervene. They have tried creating laws at the federal level. They have also tried to get the federal government to intervene on other issues that should be left to the states. They see the Constitution as being inadequate since there’s nothing in there opposing drugs or homosexuals and they don’t like that the only thing the Constitution says about a national religion is that having one is forbidden. Most Paleocons believe in states rights so they think the states should deal with these issues and not the federal government.


Neoconservatives: Oppose legalizing drugs and strongly support the War on Drugs.

Paleoconservatives: They also oppose legalizing drugs but most oppose the War on Drugs. They see the War on Drugs as a failure and a waste of taxpayer’s money.


Both support the death penalty


Both strongly favor the Second Amendment


Both support the same environmental policy


EDIT: The site won’t let me respond to the comments on the article so I will respond here:

First off on a bunch of websites I have seen tons and tons of comments from Republicans who are very dissatisfied with the party. They are saying that the GOP establishment and a lot of current Republican politicians are liberals, progressives, moderates etc. who barely make conservative type of changes and just maintain the status quo or make liberal type changes. These Republicans they are talking about are the Neoconservatives.

How the heck can you not see how liberal the GOP politicians and establishment have become?  Look at the huge budget deficits Republican presidents have piled up starting with Reagan. It just so happens that the Reagan years are when the Neoconservatives started there influence in the party. I never said Reagan was a Neocon but some of his advisers were. One of these Neoconservatives even said “deficits don’t matter.” Holy cow that sounds a lot like Paul Krugman! By the Bush 43 presidency the Neoconservatives had gained full influence and control of the party and look how liberal the Bush administration was his presidency is a perfect view of the Neoconservatives. The massive deficits under Bush were the worst of any president before Obama came a long. And don’t even try to blame it all on Democrats in congress because Republicans in congress were supportive of it. Spending is barely ever cut the welfare state keeps on growing. The federal government has not gotten any smaller. Under Reagan the government stayed around the same size even though many conservatives continually try to say Reagan made the federal government smaller. Under Bush 43 the government grew massive! Look at immigration. Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegals. Bush signed the DREAM Act. When it comes to big business the Neoconservatives are in bed with them. The neoconservatives support corporate welfare which is not free market capitalism that is actually socialism. The cronyism and corporatism is making capitalism look horrible it has hurt the reputation of capitalism. The Patriot Act is unconstitutional its as simple as that. They don’t follow the Constitution. They only bring out the “this law is unconstitutional” when it is a law the Democrats have created that they do not like. The current foreign policy of the Republican Party looks like the foreign policy of the Democrats of the 20th Century. The Iraq War really damaged the party. Do you know who Russel Kirk is? He was a historian and great conservative thinker in the 20th century he had a lot of influence on traditional conservatism and wrote a book called “The Conservative Mind.” He was born in 1918 and died in 1994 so he got to see the parties ideology change he got to witness the influence of new conservatism or neoconservatism and he did not like it. He was a paleocon. He did not like the Neoconservatives and was very critical of there foreign policy. In 1992 he gave a speech at the Heritage Foundation and said:

“Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson were enthusiasts for American domination of the world. Now George Bush appears to be emulating those eminent Democrats. When the Republicans, once upon a time, nominated for the presidency a “One World” candidate, Wendell Willkie, they were sadly trounced. In general, Republicans throughout the twentieth century have been advocates of prudence and restraint in the conduct of foreign affairs.“

Kirk is correct. Look back at history throughout most of the twentieth century the Republicans were more anti-interventionist. They were more about restraint in foreign affairs. It seems like the ideologies have flipped. The Republican Party practices a Wilsonian foreign policy of going around nation building trying to spread democracy. The Republicans foreign policy has lost the party some support among soldiers. Yeah in the 2008 and 2012 elections Republicans got more of the military vote than the Democrats but Republicans did not get as much as usual. Many got behind Ron Paul in the primaries because many are tired and want to come home morale is very low. It has been the longest war and a lot of Republicans just want to keep it going. The Neoconservatives keep demanding more and more war. Ron Paul scares the Neocosnervatives many Neoconservative media like Fox couldn’t even mention Ron’s name once. And all the foreign aid we are spending. Geez we need to bring that money home and give it back to the taxpayers or use it to pay off our gigantic debt any true conservative would support that. When it comes to states rights the neoconservatives prefer federal government intervention instead. Anything someone is doing in there private life that they think is immoral they will try to use the power of the federal government to stop it instead of letting the states take care of it.

Secondly, you guys think Paleocons are Libertarians. How? They ain’t socially liberal like Libertarians. Is it because of there anti-interventionist foreign policy? Well the conservative Republicans throughout most of the 20th century were somewhat anti-interventionist. Paleoconservatives are traditional conservatives. “Paleo” means old they are the old conservatives. How about you read up on your Republican Party history primarily the Old Right which was the start of the modern conservative movement that fought FDR’s New Deal before it was hijacked by the Neoconservatives who were supportive of a lot of the New Deal. You know Senator Robert Taft? He led the conservative fight in congress against FDR’s New Deal. He was the #1 Republican at the time. Today he would be a Paleocon and he is very influential in paleoconservatism.

@Revtm The only thing Paleocons oppose about free market capitalism is free trade. They are protectionist in trade. Everything else about free markets they support. Protectionism is actually the traditional stance of the Republican Party. For most of the parties history it supported protectionism and high tariff’s. Also the Neoconservatives are not totally supportive of free markets. For one they support corporate welfare and that is government intervention. They support a moderate welfare state. And neoconservatives did not practically invent tax cuts. Tax cuts were a staple of the party before the Neoconservatives. Have you ever heard of Republican president Calvin Coolidge? Look up how much he cut taxes in the 1920’s. EDIT: I never said Coolidge was a Paleocon. I just used him as an example to show that there were Republicans cutting taxes way before the Neoconservatives came along. The Paleocon racism and antisemitism is a bunch of BS. Paleocons get called racist because of there immigration stance since they want to drastically lower the number of immigrants coming into the country and they get called antisemitic for wanting to end foreign aid to Israel. Neoconservatives seem to be racist with there islamophobia. Many Muslims were Republicans but after 9/11 they went to the Democratic Party due to the Republicans discriminating against them. The Neoconservatives hate keeps on driving people out of the party.

@Neil Stevens Accurate version: Paleocons are traditional conservatives who were put off by the Reagan administrations very moderate actions such as creating massive spending deficits, not cutting spending and giving amnesty to 3 million illegals. They were also put off by the scandals in the Reagan administration.

@midwestconservative I know Russel Kirk was a traditional conservative BUT he also fit the mold of a paleoconservative and he stuck up for them against the neoconservatives. One reason the Patriot Act is unconstitutional is because it allows warrantless wiretapping. Anti-interventionism is much closer to “prudence and restraint” than the aggressive neoconservative foreign policy is.

 @rbdwiggins So you agree that the Republican Party has been taken over by progressives, liberals or whatever you wanna call them? These leftist are the Neoconservatives! I don’t think true conservatism has been tried for a very long time it’s been a lot longer than 1988. Reagan’s administration was not nearly as conservative as so many conservatives think. Before I said that Reagan was not a Neocon but some of his advisers were but now I think Reagan himself may have had a little Neocon in him. I completely forgot that he was a liberal Democrat before and he admired FDR and his New Deal which a lot of Neocons did. Reagan was very moderate not very conservative. He talked very conservative but his actions were very moderate. I do agree with your view on Libertarianism that it does not acknowledge or provide the necessary restraint on human behavior that is required in order to establish and maintain ordered liberty. Libertarians would allow everyone to just run around and act immoral which would decay America and affect the economy negatively. For one we’d have a bigger drug problem if Libertarians had there way since they would legalize everything. Paleocons are not libertarian on social issues. Paleocons are socially conservative. Some Paleocons are on the more moderate side where they would allow the states to take care of social issues then some are on the more extreme side like Chuck Baldwin who rather have the federal government handle social issues.


Here is the Conservapedia page on Neoconservatism:


I agree with everything on the Conservapedia page except for there generalization that Neocons are hostile towards social conservatism. I have seen many Neocons who are socially conservative.