This Must Be Stopped

The Ryan-Murray deal is a horrific blow to fiscal sanity because it discards the hard won ceiling on government spending enforced by the sequester. If this deal passes, it will be much harder to resist new rounds of spending increases, and much more difficult to force Dems to accept cuts in some programs in order to save others. It gives up one of our best weapons for eventually repealing Obamacare, which is soaking up lots of federal money that could be used to restore sequester cuts. Perhaps giving up the sequester would be a price worth paying if it were traded for some major policy objective such as repealing Obamacare or reforming Medicaire, but the supposed reforms in this bill (to pension calculation for military and other government workers) are pretty small potatoes that are likely to be overwhelmed by the rush of new spending that will inevitably result if this bill passes.

Stopping this bill should be an extraordinarily high priority for the conservative movement. I doubt a shutdown would actually occur because I don’t think Obama wants to fight one over spending levels, but it would be well worth it to preserve the sequester. Moreover, fighting on the ground of preserving existing spending restraints should be an easy win.

This is the time for melting the congressional phone lines, for conservative leaders in both chambers and outside of government to loudly denounce this bill and demand that sequester spending restraints be preserved. It is time for conservative Senators to launch filibusters, for House conservatives to use any tactic at their disposal to derail this bill, and for ad campaigns to be run demanding that Congress reject this bill.

And we should also be demanding that Paul Ryan be stripped of his Budget Committee Chairmanship. He was allowed to stay in that position due to a waiver of caucus term limits, and has now demonstrated why those term limits are needed. Revoking the chairmanship would also clearly distance the GOP caucus from this betrayal by Rep. Ryan.