Conservatives Are Fighting To Preserve The God-Given Right to Healthcare

One of the great lies in this longstanding debate over health insurance is that the Left is someone trying to make healthcare a right. That is the reverse of the truth. Americans have always had the right to healthcare, and Obamacare is trying to take that right away.

Since there has been so much disinformation for so many years on this question, let me explain my terms. A right is something we are allowed to do or obtain, and which God made us to be allowed to do or obtain. That is what a “right” means in our Constitution and other founding documents. We have the right to free speech, but not the right to government-provided newspapers or broadcast time. We have the right to bear arms, but not the right to government-provided arms. We have the right to travel, but not the right to a government-provided horse, automobile or airplane. The right to own property, but not to have government build our house. The right to practice our religion, but not to a government-built church. Etc.

Contrary to Leftist dogma, government funding of a right does not expand the inherent right, it replaces it.The “free stuff” from the government always comes with strings attached, provides limited choices, and is of an inferior quality to what is produced in private markets. Consider the example of the preceding paragraph – would free speech be enhanced if newspapers had to print every letter to the editor?  Or if everyone had a right to five minutes a week on a public access TV station? Or websites were provided by the government?

Would the right to bear arms be stronger if the government gave out free guns? Or would the result be lower quantity guns selected by government bureaucrats and distributed at government’s discretion?

Would we have a better right to travel if government gave us a car? Or would we be waiting years to pick up our Yugos?

Or suppose government decided to make the right to property into a right to a house. We’d all be living in public housing, and it probably wouldn’t be much better than what it provides to the poor.

Perhaps the best current example is public schools – we have the right to control the upbringing and education of our children, but lose much of our ability to exercise that right if we accept the government’s subsidy for public schools. And the government schools routinely provide an inferior education at astronomical costs.

Obamacare is already denying our God-given right to healthcare. It is reducing the choices we have to select our own benefits and doctors. It is driving up costs and making it even more difficult to purchase private healthcare. It is infringing on our rights of conscience by forcing us to buy plans that provide benefits we regard as sinful. And it is greatly interfering with our right to work and make a living for ourselves by placing unconscionable demands on those who would hire us.

It must be stopped, and stopped as quickly as possible.