John McCain & Sarah Palin

*What in the world will John McCain and Sarah Palin’s children do while they are governing this country? Well, live in a fabulous world that most of the American citizens will never experience! John McCain’s valor in Vietnam, when he would not be released as a prisoner of war until him men were released, speaks for itself. Sarah Palin, a young lady to me, who has done everything “Right” in her life. Not many women can say that about their lives. She cares about the citizens..the people..and has given up her private life to serve the people of this United States of America. Sarah Palin gave every adult citizen in the State of Alaska, $1,200 in October to help with the high cost of fuel! She’s a super person! The media can talk all they want about untrue things about Sarah Palin, but we in Alaska know that Sarah Palin is a JEWEL! Sarah Palin is a true American! God Bless You, John McCain & Sarah Palin Shirley

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