The BO MSM machine is still at it: Cleansing for 2012 already started

The continued attacks on Palin on the two trivial issues: diva by UNNAMED aide and clothings.

Somethings are suspicious here. First this aide has never been named. Hiding or does he even exist? Next the fact that MSM ask for the Palin clothings allowance which anyone will think is trivial seems harmless but was turned into a national issue.

One thing is clear that MSM was willing to take such trivial issues big. In fact this is a consistent tactics used by BO campaign team since the primaries. As I have said before that once BO got elected, he will proceed with political cleansing in each state. And there is no way he will let Palin off. Remember at the end of the Dems primaries how feud was created in the Clinton camp forcing her to change her campaign manager? It is exactly the same tactics.

So I urge anyone to take this MSM talk with a grain of salt. It can be a trap to implode the Rep party. One got to be very careful here as BO is really not just a come and go candidate/president. We are still yet unclear of his actual motives are.

The only united message for the McCain campaign team and Rep party should just be: Palin was a good choice for VP and let her continue with her wonderful job in Alaska for now.

Although Rep lost the campaign 2008, the results are still admirable since Bush’s incumbent rating was so low.