McCain: Action. Obama: Talk only

I think the McCain campaign managed to cast some doubts on Obama. However, I believe he should surprising shift gear to other more important issues and offer people a clear view of his strategy as a leader in this difficult era:

McCain is one of action. Obama is one of celebrity talk only.

And obviously this cannot be done by using talking vs talking or debate vs debate.

First, we have to diagnose how Obama remains so popular with the bailout so unpopular. For a moment look at the Democratic party today. This party really is now a very different one from when Clintons have the control. I would call it virally infected and changed forever. Now Obama’s root as a community organization with his base started in ACORN is actually a very powerful one. That give him access to the less privileged in the America society which largely includes African-Americans. Put it this way, he gave them a voice and hope. One can even say this is an extension of the redlining and subprime mortgage and then F&F to expand and keep these bubbly dream going. What makes Obama a rising star is he gave them a political voice which this group never have before. Politically, Obama has found a virgin and loyal base.As long as the America dream can be held up for this group, its size can be expanded fast compare to other segments of society which are more divided and tend to debate among themselves. ACORN expanded fast by using this loyal base as bargaining chips with banks, legislators.

Simply put. America now has political cancer. Like all cancers, it is self-inflicted. It was largely a result of past administrations not making concerted efforts on the under-prvileged to lift them out of poverty. That leaves a big window open for someone like ACORN and Obama to sell them a bubble dream. But that energy to sustain that illusion has become a black hole.

Even many existing Democrats were taken by surprise. Just look at the Clintons. They were really taken aback mid way thru their primaries. This is why Bill Clinton is so half-hearted in supporting Obama. But it was too late. It was obivous that the other half of Dems were ‘pressured’ to give in because this cancer base is much more loyal than other support groups. I don’t even think they think about what is right or wrong, rather just whether you are part of us or not. (Yes, this is also how terrorists recruit new members but that will be another story) Frankly, I think the Clintons are gone if Obama wins this Presidency because the cancer will completely take over the Dems.

Why Obama campaign favours the internet media? Because Obama needs a second loyal base. A base which will project him into the professional middle class. However, he needs a stand which when made but can never be proven wrong either because it will not happen in our life time or no one has a clue. He found that in the left and liberals with issues like environment, wealth distribution, etc. Notice the liberals never get such loud voice under the Clintons. The way I think he did was he got his first base to echo these issues and they will do so because ACORN gave them a life. I must say this strategy work very well because so many liberals or independents who wanted these concerns heard now got an loud hailer. This I suspect are why so many celebrities are also supporting him.It became evident to me because whenever someone from this group speaks they always quote and requote the same talking points without proper and deep history proofs or logical presentations of arguments. It is always some polls or survey numbers quoted and not scientific facts (they do quote some scientific reference but always out of context).

If one understands these are cancer cells, it will now be easy to understand why there can be so much hatred against Sarah Palin because she represents a group which will never be infected. Imagine if she unite and expand this healthy group …

One thing doctors learn about cancer is a shock therapy is needed. First the patient must be given the hard knock: you got cancer. Then he must change his life style. Years ago, doctor administer strong chemo drugs but fail because the drugs were too diversified and NOT TARGETTED to the cancer cells. Recent years cancer treatment has gotten more success by being very TARGETTED.

Politically, do we now have these conditions? Yes. By now the whole America knows there is a big economic crisis which traced back to subprime which traced back to this group of people. The shock is there. What is missing now is the target therapy.

I do not think that Obama or ACORN thought this bubble will burst so soon. Obama is now trying to distant himself from ACORN since he thinks his other loyal base is now big enough. Meanwhile this group of people although badly hit have no choice but to continue their support of the Dems congress and Obama in hoping to get a bailout because they have no OTHER hope.

So when I shout McCain should go for ACTION is he should already start activating loyal campaigners and local support in the county to help these people mediate and get local banks to help work out a fair way of pricing out the mortgage. If mortgage is not possible, then some form of social but non-welfare program like worker retraining,etc. Yes, there are a lot work to be done but they NEED NOT BE COMPLETED BEFORE NOV 4. What is important is ACTION be taken at these local levels and information be collected. These helpless people must be shown the light.

I am not advocating a social welfare system but these people need to be shown the way to work themselves out of poverty. This is direct target therapy to Obama core base. While these grassroot works are conducted, it should not be debated first. It should only suddenly be unveiled when enough momentum has gotten going. I believe words will spread fast in this group.Then McCain can loudly bang Obama on just talking only while he took real actions. Obama will have no time no proof to rebut and react.