How McCain should deal with the Bailout trap set by the congress Dems

It is clear that the Republicans are being set up in a dilemmna by the Dems in the Congress regarding this bill. All the presidential candidates are keeping a cautious distance. For Obama this is the best action as drilling into the bailout and the dirty history will put him and Dems on a destructive path. McCain on the other hand worries about the blame of the possible aftermath if the bill is not passed.

Many Senators who come clean are trapped.

I do think this is one golden opportunity for one man to take leadership. McCain! But how can he deal with this trap? Simple like a real President.

First explain to the people. This is not a simple bill. It will be helpful for him as a senior Senator to explain item by item to the American public. Many are confused and have no idea what really is inside. Calm and educate the public. This is the opposite from what Bush is doing now: fan a panic.

Point out clearly what he and even the other Republicans would want out esp. all the pork barrel stuffs. Open up the pandora box of dirty history of how the major items have to put in now just to save the Dems mistakes in the past. For example the consistent records of the Dems in blocking the regulations for Fannie & Freddie. This step here is VERY important as it will show the public that all these years what McCain and his colleagues have been fighting for the public.

Think out loud for him as a President thinking about this emergency use of massive taxpayer’s money. He does not need to state his final stand yet. Don’t pretend to be an economy expert. Call for people with credible experience to come forward and ‘think and solve and fight’ with him. This is crucial as this is a large missing part in the whole congress decision process: congress political leaders pretending to be economy experts.

Then set forward to talk to a few economy experts esp. a few who had correctly predicted the problems years earlier just like himself who predicted the F & F problem in 2005. Talking to them will shed the light for himself how best to deploy taxpayers’ money.

All these actions only McCain can do because he is now running a campaign ie. he has direct communication channels to the public unlike his colleagues who are entangled with the debate and battle in the congress. Obama cannot do this because by opening the box, he will risk digging too much dirt for himself and the Dems.

It is not about whether he is for or against the bailout (which the Dems set as a trap by lumping into one package). This is such an unique opportunity presented to him to take the lead in calming the public and expose in one sweep all the dirt and traps laid in the ineffective congress by the Dems.

And he’s got nothing to lose. But in one scoop he can take out Obama and congress Dems.