The Coming Darkness

Here we are at the beginning of December 2020, and the election still isn’t decided. There are outstanding court cases brought by Trump’s legal team in a number of swing states, legal challenges from other parties ongoing, and a significant portion of the electorate–possibly even a majority–believes that the election was stolen. There is a swirling mix of conspiracy theories, circumstantial evidence, and sworn affidavits about what happened. The outcome likely hangs on the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, which has shown itself averse to settling anything in a decisive way. The Roberts court isn’t going to touch this with a ten-foot pole.

Here is what I predict will happen: I expect that the legal challenges will continue, but that they will fail to be resolved or to overturn the certification of the election in enough states in time to prevent Biden from claiming “victory.” At that point, on January 20th, there will be an inauguration that places a man who is clearly in the middle stages of senile dementia and who was fraudulently elected to power in the office of President of the United States. The military band will play Ruffles and Flourishes and Hail to the Thief and the election of 2020 will be over.

Storm Clouds” by cjohnson7 is licensed under Creative Commons

This isn’t defeatism, it’s realism. People who believe that the courts are going to step in to address this haven’t been paying attention as justice in this country has devolved into a political exercise devoid of even the appearance of even-handedness. Waiting for the Supreme Court to step in is like waiting for Hillary Clinton to admit she lost fair and square in 2016.  Roberts has three leftists on his side and only has to convince one of the other justices to prevent the court from taking up cases. Based on their indifference to the numerous issues already brought before them, a last-minute Supreme Court intervention is not happening.

What then is to become of the republic that so many of us love? Much of course rides on the ability of the GOP to retain control of the senate. I put the odds of this at about 40/60, with the 40% being the chances they hold on to the two seats in Georgia. The left has just learned that cheating works and has no consequences. The right has learned that even when you vote and win, you lose. That’s going to have a significant effect on both turnout and… irregularities.

So, consider January 21, 2021. Joe Biden, almost unable to repeat the oath of office even with Jill whispering in his ear is aimlessly wandering the halls of the White House, unsure of where he is. The House is held by Moloch-worshiping Nancy Pelosi, cackling away as she eats $20 a quart ice cream while watching videos of homeless vets. The Senate in the hands of the Mammon-worshiping Chuck Schumer, who openly warns federal agencies against investigating Hunter Biden. What happens then?

First, I expect that the left will immediately move forward with their plans to create new states from DC and Puerto Rico. Having eliminated the filibuster and needing only a majority of congress to add a new state, I expect this to happen within the first four to six months. Once the new senators are seated, the Supreme Court will be packed. At the same time that new, unconstitutional laws are being passed, Biden (or whoever the puppet-master is) will initiate a myriad of executive orders that are also in direct contravention to the constitution. This lurch toward totalitarianism will not be stopped by the Sotomayer Court. Having cast off even the barest semblance of adhering to the constitution as written, the court will approve all sorts of leftist claptrap, including granting citizenship to tens of millions of illegals, the nationalization of health care, the criminalization of religious belief, the elimination of the Second Amendment, the Fairness Doctrine, and every other leftist’s wildest fantasies. As Chuck Schumer admitted, they intend to change America… into something that is no longer recognizable as America.

A dark time indeed.

Here, at the end of 2020, we perhaps stand amidst the wreckage of what was likely the greatest human government in history. An economic and political system that created untold wealth and innovation, that rescued the world from tyranny not once–or even twice–but three times; first in World War One, then in World War Two, and finally in the Cold War. It was a land where liberty flourished, where previously unimagined freedoms of speech and religion took root. Where the rule of law was supreme. A shining City on a Hill that may have reached the culmination of its story.

Perhaps you’re thinking that this is a depressing diary. I assure you it was as depressing to think about and write as it is to read. So let me come to the point.

Now, here, at the end of 2020, it is time to give careful consideration to what you will do in the coming darkness, should the storm overtake us. You must decide now whether you will go quietly into that good night or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them.

What will you do when they tell your church that you cannot preach the Bible as written because it contains “hate speech”? When they tell you that you cannot homeschool your children because you’re not using “approved” curriculum? When they insist that you not leave your home until you’ve submitted to the vaccine? What will you do when they tell you to register your firearms under the NFA or face jail time? When they come to arrest you for something you posted on the internet? When they tell you to be silent? When they insist that you submit?

Why must you decide this now? Why not just wait for something to happen and then decide? Because if you haven’t girded up your loins in advance, it will be far, far too easy to take the easy way out and delay making a choice. You may allow the temperature to slowly rise until you’re deep in the boiling water and it’s too late to jump out. In the intensity of the moment, you may choose poorly, or not at all, if you haven’t given thought to what you will do before you are forced to decide, will-you or nill-you. That is, after all, pretty much exactly how we ended up where we are, too complacent to push back as our rights were first chipped away, then jack-hammered away, then blasted to bits with ten pounds of Semtex.

For myself, I will never surrender. Whether the republic lives on or not, it will live on in my heart, and memory, and imagination. I will remain loyal to the idea of America, no matter what the outcome of this election. Like a widower, even after the constitution is a dead letter, I will stay faithful. Like Teruo Nakamura I intend to fight well past the time when everyone else has acquiesced to the surrender of our country and its ideals.

As for those who intend to twist our nation into a totalitarian state, I will refuse to comply with them or their orders. I will resist by every means possible–passive resistance to their goals, active resistance to their tyranny, and physical resistance to their jackbooted thuggery. If they tell me I must recant my religious beliefs, I will go to jail. If they insist I pay a financial penalty for “hate speech,”  I’ll be arrested for unpaid fines. If they assign me to a jury, I’ll preach jury nullification.  If they tell me to turn in my firearms, I will reply “Come and take them.” Every day, in every way I can think of, I will oppose the petty tyrants. Through a thousand small acts of rebellion I intend to sand the gears of government, doing my part to grind it to a halt.

Joshua asked the Children of Israel to “Choose this day who you will serve.” While I ultimately will answer that question with Joshua, in the secular realm I say that, “As for this patriot, I will serve America, whether she be dead or merely a memory.”

Like Luther, Here I stand, I can do no other.