Federal Law Enforcement is Dead to Me

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

So, with the recent leaks concerning Brennan no longer being in any danger of prosecution for crimes committed in the matter of the “Russia Hoax” it is clear that federal law enforcement is now a weaponized, politicized tool of the deep state.

People who turned the full might of the intelligence community, the DOJ, and the FBI against a presidential candidate, and later a sitting President, are apparently going to get away with it. People who admitted–under oath–to committing crimes, are not going to be held to account. People who lied under oath are not going to be prosecuted. The sole sacrificial goat will be a low-level employee who will get no jail time and will be a contributor on leftist news programs and a paid speaker before the ink is dry on his termination papers.

I’ll leave arguments about whether there are criminal statutes that cover the overall behavior on display to others. And I’m not going to bother anticipating those who make the delusional claim that Barr and Durham need time to make an “airtight” case by pointing out the details of Flynn and Page’s prosecutions. All that is water under the bridge.

But as I said in the title, federal law enforcement is dead to me now. In any interactions I have with them, I will consider them as active enemies of the republic. When analyzing news stories about them, I will assume the worst possible interpretation is the correct one. If assigned to a federal jury, I will give every benefit to the accused and listen to the prosecutor as I listen to any other liar. If interviewed on any subject, I will assert my fifth amendment right not to testify.

“Why should anyone care about you?” I hear readers asking. “After all, you’re just some nobody writing a diary on RS.” And that’s true, I’m just nobody important… a veteran, a conservative, a regular guy in a red state. But that’s why it’s important. Because they’ve lost the confidence of the kind of person who was most likely to be a supporter. I’m not some antifa pajama boy, or someone who thought “the man” was trying to keep everyone down. I grew up on “The Untouchables” and “The FBI” where the Feds were incorruptible, competent, and admirable. But watching what we’ve watched, I’m not just skeptical of these agencies, I’m openly antagonistic towards them and their employees.

Think about this: if the federal law enforcement bureaucracy can get away filing with process-crime cases when the agents who questioned a subject stated definitively that he wasn’t lying, what’s going to stop them from destroying an unknown like you? If they can force a man into bankruptcy, drive him to sell his home and emerge from his railroad job penniless and with a ruined reputation, what’s going to stop them from destroying an unknown like you. If they can get a federal judge to refuse to dismiss the charges to drag the travesty out longer, when both the prosecution and defense ask for dismissal, what’s going to stop them from destroying an unknown like you?

“What about the majority of ‘good’ agents?” you may ask. Well, let me ask in turn: how “good” can they be if they continue to work for these agencies that are now openly opposed to the will of the people (as expressed in the election of Donald Trump)? At this point, employees of these agencies are either too corrupt, too indifferent, or too stupid to care about what’s happening. None of those makes for a “good” law  enforcement employee.

After almost four years of constant revelations about how these agencies were weaponized, I believe they are no longer worthy of trust, nor can they be reformed. If Trump wins reelection, perhaps some small measure of change will occur. But these are deeply entrenched bureaucracies that aren’t going to reform easily–if at all.

Going forward, I will not support or cooperate with these people. I will make every effort to oppose their preferred outcome if asked to serve on a jury. In short, they are dead to me now.