What Will You Do in November?

AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu

It’s time to start giving serious thought to what you will do after the election this November. Prior planning prevents poor performance (or some such) so it’s time to begin considering possible outcomes of the election and how to respond. I’m not going to lay out all the options for responding, I’m just going to present a couple of scenarios and leave it to your intellect and imagination to determine how you might act.

Clear Tump Win

The first possibility is that Trump wins a clear victory Despite the Democrat’s history of cheating and election fraud, this is a definite possibility as the electorate has watched the left’s descent into madness live-streamed and on television. Having seen footage of the left’s brownshirts implementing a Kristallnacht of our own, the sane portion of the electorate will be reluctant to pull the handle for Biden.

In this case, we can expect another round of “resistance” similar to, but stronger than the one we saw in 2016. Having learned from the non-response of Democrat governors that rioting, looting, brick throwing, and fire-setting have no consequences, expect any number of metropolitan areas to burn. Expect the violence to spill over into the suburbs this time as leftists have openly admitted that they intend to attack these places

If you live in one of these areas–city or suburb–you can look forward to curfews, roaming bands of antifa thugs, and third-world-hellhole-level violence. In many cases, law enforcement will be overwhelmed or ordered not  to respond to such “minor” crimes as robbery, rape, and arson. You’ll need to carefully consider how you might protect yourself, your family, and your property from these so-called people or absent yourself from the area until well after the election.

Contested Trump Win

A second possibility is that Trump will win a contested win. Think Bush/Gore and the hanging chads. The Supreme Court getting involved again. Uncertainty for days after the polls close.

In this case, expect the DNC’s propaganda arm to accuse Trump and his supporters of the very vote fraud they engage in. There will be multiple, evidence-free stories of ballot machines (chosen by leftist politicians, programmed by leftist programmers, sold by leftist corporations) malfunctioning. You’ll see regular reports that minorities gave up waiting in long lines at polling places set up in leftist strongholds, overseen by leftist officials.

Again, expect this to result in a level of “resistance” to a second Trump administration that makes the unpleasantness following the 2016 election look like a tiny blip. Seeing that actual physical violence–against both property and people–has no consequences, you can look forward to more of this, but at an even higher level than if Trump wins a clear victory. You’ll need to consider what actions you might take if these so-called people show up in your neighborhood, or at your door.

Biden Cheats

A third possibility is that Biden will win but with clear evidence that the Democrat party engaged in their usual election cheating. Reports–this time with actual evidence to back them up–of mail-in ballots being stolen, thrown away, harvested, created from whole cloth by the Democrat party and its operatives. Dead people voting. People voting multiple times. A close election thrown by the usual tactics of those who are no longer our countrymen.

Consider carefully what you might do in this case, because it’s the one I think is most likely. If the Democrats make another blatant attempt to overthrow our constitutional republic, what action will you take? Will you sit back in your easy chair and watch this once-great republic descend in to Somalia-like anarchy as lawless Democrats subvert its institutions to put you in virtual (or perhaps literal) chains?

Think about what a Biden election will mean. The complete elimination of freedom of speech (conservative speech will be “hate speech” punishable by fines and jail time), the elimination of freedom of assembly (the Chinese virus will continue to be a “problem” as long as Democrats hold sway, allowing them to close churches), the curtailment of freedom to petition the government (again, protests against Democrat priorities will be illegal, riots will be OK). The Second Amendment will be nullified (you will not be able to buy or sell firearms, nor ammunition, unless you’re a leftist’s bodyguard, a government agency, or a large corporation).

Is this fantasy? Consider the open statements of progressives and leftists right now. They’ve literally admitted that they intend to stop protests by conservative, and actually done so. They’ve stated on the record that churches should be forced to close. They’ve admitted on live television that they plan to eliminate the private ownership of firearms for anyone who is conservative. If they’re openly saying these things, we’d better believe them.

So what will you do if the Democrats cheat again. If the last vestiges of the constitutional republic that was handed down to us is about to be eliminated in a last spasm of communist maneuvering. Will you wait for them to come to your door to collect your guns a with a battering ram? Will you sit quietly as they eliminate the First Amendment? Will you allow them to send you off to the guillotine without protest? Will you go quietly into that good night?

Biden Clear Win

I’ve left the worst for last. What if Biden wins in such a way that it’s obvious that the republic is doomed? What if he wins a significant electoral and popular victory that proves that the ignorant and the openly evil outnumber those who wish to preserve the rule of law and so many other things that have made this country a beacon of freedom for the last two-hundred-plus years?

Will you sigh and say that we get the government we deserve? Will you hunker down and keep your head down and hope against hope that sanity may one day prevail again? Will you surrender to the “forces of history” without any effort to stand against them?

Don’t Just Think About It

Any of these scenarios (or some other thing–maybe space aliens will invade, or the Yellowstone super-volcano will erupt, or the Chicoms will nuke us)  may happen. Now is the time to think about what you might do depending on which one it is. Now is the time to make a firm resolution to do whatever it is you decide you will do. Now is the time to plan and prepare for whichever outcome occurs.

For myself, I once took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I consider that a blank check made payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount up to and including [my] life. And it still hasn’t been cashed.

May God help us all in these difficult times.