The Republic Probably isn't Fixable

The Republic Probably isn't Fixable
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We’ve all watched over the last month or so as the unhinged left has attempted to assert control over our country by rioting, looting, and setting up “autonomous zones” where lawlessness and tyranny reign. We’ve seen blue state governors declare that visitors from red states must be quarantined if they visit their states. We’ve seen the demonizing of police and attempts to normalize the threat of force as a political tool. We’ve seen attempts to eliminate conservatives from social media and to drive them from the public square. What does this all mean? It means–in my opinion–that we’ve reached the point where our problems cannot be resolved at the ballot box.

Consider the two possible outcomes of November’s election.

One one hand, if Trump is re-elected, the left will increase their physical violence against conservatives and the structure of civil society in an attempt to overthrow him. Think this is hyperbole? The left and their deep state fellow travelers attempted a soft coup, working assiduously over the course of three years to overturn the results of the 2016 election. Even before Trump’s possible reelection, they are openly using violence to destroy the republic. If you think this is going to get better if Trump is re-elected, you are bat-excrement crazy mistaken.

On the other hand, if Biden is elected, the left will attempt to overthrow the republic itself by first disarming those who would protect it and then–to quote the narcissist nitwit from Nairobi–fundamentally transforming it into a socialist hellhole. The first amendment will mean nothing: Congress will pass a law prohibiting the free exercise of religion. Freedom of speech will be abridged as unapproved speech becomes “hate speech” punishable by arrest and jail time. Freedom of the press will be suppressed with the “fairness doctrine” unequally applied. The right of conservatives to peaceably assemble will be eliminated in favor of leftist riots and looting. The second amendment will only apply to shotguns that can “hold fewer than 20 clips.” Need I go on?

What is the solution?

In an ideal world, those who are no longer our countrymen would be reachable with logic and reason. They would be able to see that their actions have consequences. They would refrain from actions that make things more likely to deteriorate further.  In the world that we actually live in, where every Democrat is a delusional hysteric who has lost all touch with objective reality, that’s not going to happen.

In a somewhat less ideal world, the two sides could work out an amiable separation. The rotten coasts could form their own People’s Republic of Socialist Wackistan and Eastern Coastal Workers’ Paradise, where they would be free to continue their descent into madness unopposed. The sane folks of the free states could stick with a constitutional republic of limited government and the rule of law, and we could let it all sort itself out. But like the idea of leftists listening to logic, this also isn’t going to happen. Not because of the sane folks, but because progressives absolutely cannot stand allowing anyone to live their own life in their own way. Their narcissism insists that they must be in charge of everyone and be able to tell them what to say, do, and think.

A year ago I would have put this last possibility as a distant, unlikely outcome. But at this point, I am both expecting and preparing for a civil war. It will likely be short and very, very bloody for progressives, but they aren’t going to listen to reason, they aren’t going to leave us alone, and they aren’t going to stop pushing until some of them get shot. As a veteran who’s seen war, I don’t look forward to this. I dread it. But at this point, I can’t really see any other workable option except surrender of our lives, our liberty, and our sacred honor. And that’s something I will not do.

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