Diversity Nazis Target Nurse

A human being in England has been caught red-handed acting outside the box of secularism, and . . . she . . . must . . . pay:

Nurse Caroline Petrie has been suspended and could even be struck off. What was her offence? Did she turn up drunk? Did she dispense the wrong medicine or forget to empty a bedpan? Was she knocking out prescription drugs to the local pusher?

Perhaps she was guilty of neglect, of deliberate cruelty, or of practising a bit of freelance euthanasia.

No. Her ‘crime’ was to offer to say a prayer for one old lady on the ward. It’s what we used to call an act of Christian charity.

But that was enough to bring her to the attention of the ‘diversity’ nazis at the North Somerset Primary Care Trust. . . .

“So what is so heinous about Mrs. Petrie praying for her patients?,” asks columnist Richard Littlejohn. “The truth is that Christianity forms no part of the ‘diversity’ agenda.”

Yes, that is the ugly, fanged truth about the “diversity is our strength” mantra and its empire of enforcers.

And that’s why wherever “diversity” is god and the accepted state religion, Christians and Christianity must be liquidated. They are at the top of the list of threats to the established order of imposed tolerance. No verifiable information from our true Creator can be allowed inside the palace gates to challenge the status quo.

This kind of cruelty is transnational. It holds not just for England, but also for any nation in the grip of a dehumanizing and intolerant secularism, including the United States.

Secularism is a failed and dehumanizing program. Resistance in the name of God and man, freedom and dignity, is essential, lest “diversity” covers a multitude of sickness and pain. We may need more humane nurses than you could ever imagine.

Cross-posted at Pro-Existence, the blog of The Pearcey Report.