Mr Obama's A. G. and corruption

                        HOW MANY TIMES?


How many times will you let Mr Obama side step you?

How many times will you submit to the man that holds our nation in contempt?


I am really having a hard time with this. His Attorney General has no scruples; he seems to choose which laws he will allow, and which he will decide to enforce; after a year and a half!


Corruption is rampant and you keep giving Mister Obama space. You have allowed his

A G to choose which laws to enforce and which to allow. You have authority; if you will use it!


You are Congress; you have the authority to put a stop to this. His A G is laughing at you. They are making a mockery of the rule of law.

While you stand by and do nothing!


If we are fortunate enough to get another election; and if you continue to do nothing;

I assure youAmericawill change Congress.

You continue; except tea party newbie’s; continue to get poor revues; what are the chances you will be replaced?


I expect you will send a “form letter” for my reply to show, so I will post your answer on the many teaparty forums.


                        Thank you for the use of your soapbox,                      

Richard Gregory