Congress this Friday will be voting on CISPA or HR 3523.  Under this bill your ISP can not only sell you web searches because now under CISPA your ISP is required to makes copies of everything you do online.  Purchases on the internet with Credit Card numbers and financial information for people who do online banking with your password included and your ISP will sell your information to third parties which NO ONE KNOWS who these third parties are, and if those third parties or your ISP lose your personal or private information under CISPA YOU CANNOT SUE YOUR ISP or the third party your ISP gave your private information too.  Also under CISPA your ISP or internet service provider can block sites like teaparty.net and all your ISP has to say is that it was done in the name of Cyber Security.

President Obama has even said he will VETO this bill when it gets to his office, BUT DON’T BE FOOLED, remember NDAA.  Obama wants DHS to have Cyber Security power, and trust me DHS will make sure sites like Teaparty.net are shut down under CISPA and labeled a Cyber Security Threat.


Read about CISPA in this article, trust me you won’t like it.  FROM THE HILL:


With the CISPA bill coming up this Friday, Please call Congress 2022243121 and tell them NO to HR 3523 or CISPA.

E-mail Congress at


Please as well sign this petition, we right now need to keep the internet free.  The internet is helping in big ways to get this Grassroots movement going with the Tea Party.  Please make sure to tell the House NO TO CISPA or HR 3523.