I have been corrected; I apologize.

I believe people; everyone; should be in a position to earn decent wages from employment.

In our society, we have had to resort to “collective bargaining” in order to achieve this in time gone by.

However, today we seem to have a problem with collective bargaining. It is not “cut and dried”. Some still need it, while others have created a situation where it seems to lead to … to be quite frank… laziness.

Save someone’s job by extending the labor of individuals; do a lesser amount of work in order to increase the time on a particular job.

“How many men are needed to lean on a shovel while on a DAVS BACON job”.

I have seen, and most other people have seen it also, where two and three people will be leaning on the shovels while several others “tell him what to do” (actually do nothing but lean).

Some jobs will take twice as long to complete, safely, early, and correctly.

Then there is the matter of bosses and workers.

In Florida last year, a company was on strike for the express purpose of punishing that company for not being unionozed.

The employees were being paid “scale” and the employees were treated better than unionized, however the UNION BOSSES tried to shut down the non unionized ones.

The strikers were paid “SUBSISTANCE WAGES with NO BENEFITS” and denied anything else.

This has been documented on <BOORTZ.COM> NEILLSNUZE.COM.

Union bosses? look how they trashed Wisconsins Capitol! Who is paying for that?  THE TAXPAYER! Not the bosses or people who trashed it. Where is the justice!?

Unions were needed once, but the collective bargaining needs to be curtailed a little.