T D JAKES: Is Mr Obama an abortionist? What Will Jesus Say?

The Republicans; the Democrats; the others; ALL are not (as an electorate) paying attention.

            We need to start paying attention to our core faith. What are our core beliefes?

            When we walk into the voting booths, do we stop to think? What do we think about?

            The majority of us only think Repub, Dem or Ind. What should we be thinking? How about the Ten Commandments? The majority of us claim to be Christian. I do not recall which poll it is, but they are many that claim we are still a Christian nation. I agree with them. Who are we calling on to make our laws? Who are we calling on to sign the edicts that are enacted? What are we calling for? Who is ultimately responsible for the actions of the public? US! Yeah; WE areAmerica.

            WE called for Abortion on demand; WE called for all this financial ruin. We became the people who said “Let someone else pay”, well we also let Mr. Obama build the largest abortion mill in the world in Houston TX as his first Executive Order to sign What do we think GOD will say about that when the world; including us has to stand before HIM?

            Well we are paying now.

I remember how things were different when I was young; buy a couple pounds of ground beef and being able to afford it; cars that could be repaired without “breaking the bank” (a slam at cash for clunkers); being able to afford a home, whether rented or owning it. How many people have nowhere to live any more? How many existing with relatives? Yeah; life seemed simpler then, but we asked for all the troubles we have now. We, the public, called for union bosses to control where people can earn disproportionate wages. Do we still need them?

            WE elected these people. Want to do something about it?  That is what we have these elected officials for.

            Call for changes in the laws! Get rid of the old ones that make no sense. Have Congress do away with two or three every time they create a new one.

We have the ability to elect the laws we live under; whether we call for righteous or unrighteous laws. It is up to US!

            Do something, do not stand still.