Storms; Tornadoes; Floods; Almost nationwide Fires; Earthquakes; Pollution worldwide; Corruption in High Places; Pestilences; Diseases that cannot be controlled; Ground Pollution from Oils and Gasoline; Government Run Amuck that Many will not try to correct; Rejection of GOD; AND Rejection of Israel by our people!

            I think Daniel called it Confusion of Face; when people are confused. You know; when people cannot make up their minds? 

Our political system is having a problem. This problem is also a national, or rather a Middle Eastern problem. We threw Israelunder the bus, or rather, we are throwing Israel under, and God is not happy with us, judging by the events happening to us and the rest of the world. We believers can see this and understand it.


            We cannot make up our minds on who to vote for. I believe we have confusion of face. (What would you call it?)

            We get a new candidate who seems to be good; then we find he/ she is an “Establishment” or “Professional” Politician. 

            We had one that seemed to fit the mold we are looking for, and then he could not take the heat! He used the word suspended not quit.

            Maybe GOD told him to get back in; Go ahead and take the lie detector tests and demand that all the women that accused him do the same.

            Is it possible that these calamities should stop, and we would have peace inAmericaagain if we were to go back to GOD? IF we were to Pray, Repent, and Seek HIS face?

           Americais on the verge of a brokered convention, and we see someone who can make a difference; what will it be ladies and gentlemen? I am just another wheel in the cog ofAmericabut we can elect a real leader!

                                    Richard D Gregory Sr