IF YOU LIVE IN WISCONSIN, you need to help!

February 20th – March 5th
Sunday, February 19th, 2012
261 Days until the 2012 General Election
First They Came For Wisconsin

United Wisconsin’s clenched fist tactics threaten to implode the election processes in Wisconsin – and Ohio will be next. Now is the time to take a stand, help conduct the audit of petition signatures for the recall of Gov Scott Walker (a task Wisconsin’s government Accountability Board has refused to do) and make sure the Unions don’t win by default. We are 77% of the way done with the entry of an estimated 1,000,000+ signature lines, but WE NEED YOUR HELP – AND WE NEED YOU TO ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO HELP, TOO. The clock is ticking. All signatures must be entered and checked by February 23rd at the latest – WE CAN DO IT IF WE STAY THE COURSE!


In 100 minutes you can check 100 names. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s historic. How? Click here to sign up – you will be volunteering alongside 13,000 patriots from across the country who are willing to stand in the gap of government and stop the Unions from overwhelming our electoral processes with no fear of recourse. Don’t let them get away with it – sign up now to help verify the recall!


Now, About That Debt

There have been so many big stories this past week, from the soap opera of Texas redistricting, to Wisconsin’s Union showdown, crossing over to the Euro crisis, then on to Iran’s stopping the flow of oil to France and the UK, ever more fiercely beating the drum of war. And amidst it all, Obama’s Kamikaze budget plan purposely pilots our country’s descent. Here’s Mark Steyn’s take on our debt, our declining birth rates, and what it all means. Leave it to Steyn to made a bad situation funny…sort of.