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Hire Them Yourself This Time! Become a Delegate. Now.

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How? By becoming a delegate from the precinct where you vote.

  >>> Georgia Precinct / County Conventions Approaching (March 10th) <<<

It’s an understatement to say that our nation is on the wrong track. There’s
a reason for that; you’re not doing the hiring! And if not you, who is?

It’s the delegates who attend state and national conventions that keep hiring
the wrong people.

What kind of people?

o People who authorize the violation of your rights as in the National
Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

o People who fund body scanning machines and groping TSA agents to violate
your rights in the most demeaning way imaginable.

We, the people, formed this country; we are the owners of government. Do you
feel like an owner? Or do you feel like the employed. When you watch your
elected official on TV, do you think “That’s my employee, he’d better behave

Do your “employees” treat you like you an owner? Why should they? You didn’t
hire them.

Well it’s time to change that. Why not join with your fellow Georgians who
are determined to have a say in who you hire from now on?

It’s now or never. Do you want an honest employee to head our country? One
that will respect and defend your rights? Or will you continue to let others
hire the wrong kinds of employees?

What’s the solution? Become a delegate! Because delegates hire.

To get an idea of what to expect, you can please accept this invitation to
the Georgia Precinct Convention Teleconfernce.

The conference call is set for Thursday, February 16th at 7:00 p.m.
(Eastern). If you’re getting your appendix removed on that day, the call will
be recorded, but you should really try to join the live call where you can
get your questions answered.

The call will focus on the specifics of getting elected as a delegate in
Georgia at your precinct convention on February 18th. Some of the information
applies equally to many other states, so even if you don’t live in Georgia,
you will still learn something.

This is your chance to gain this powerful position that will elect delegates
to the state convention that will, in turn, elect delegates to the national
convention. Don’t be kicking yourself later for missing this opportunity.

To get the teleconference details, text ‘Georgia PC’ with your name and
e-mail address to (973)498-8066 or sign up at Project City Hall [1].

Richard Michael