Richard Gregory ·

Well, they did it again!
Come on Dick; tell us the truth.
Just how influential is our JOINTHETEAPARTY.NET?
I think we are stronger than just “establishment”.
Another sound byte. How can we elect people who try to win an election with sound bytes? How ignorant or rather STUPID do they think we are?
I could understand if they were the entire electorate, but this? This is like those who forget the policies that brought up the cost of fuel and of doing business in the United States. They will not recognize that America does not want to pay for the cost of abortion; yet they approve of Obama’s policies.
Who signed for the largest abortion mill on the earth to be built in Houston TX? The same Person that signed to shut off the flow of fuel in America! Obama! He also signed for creating a class out of a middle income, or poor o…r rich people.
What can we do about it? Try to get people to think before they vote!
We have been bamboozled! The pollsters are made our choices for us. They give us professional / establishment people to vote for especially in the primaries.
The pollsters will not give us true information concerning the choices!
Consider: who does the poorest in the polls? CONGRESS! How about which houses of Congress?
I submit to you; we need a poll to tell us how the tea party is doing. Not a blanket Congress, but new vs. professional/ or establishment politician.
I have been asking for this on many posts; yet they will not give it.
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