Mr Barone of Human Events

Open letter to Mr Barone of Human Events

 Mister Barone,


Did the Main Street Media ignore Dr James Dobson’s endorsement of Rick Santorum until after the Primary?
AND why are you still ignoring these as well as the voter fraud of Iowa
‘s hiding just how much Rick won by?
There was another endorsement by the Ministers which Main Street Media establishment SPINCASTERS are refusing to show.
Then there could be some voter fraud. Because the vote tallies were…. gone? Where did they go?
Where there is smoke… something seems fishy in Iowa
Could it be that my sour; g r a p e s  are not really sour after all?
It is still a wide open race; JOIN IN NOW!


I try to tell things to help the United States as a nation.

Recently I came across a website that really makes sense.


These people will help teach us how to get ready for the onslaught of politics by force; or politics by trickery; or politics by theft of America. Go to TRUETHEVOTE.ORG AND SEE WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN NEW HAMSHIRE AND WHAT TO EXPECT THIS ELECTION.


I think we should be calling for a complete new election; Iowa, New Hampshire South Carolina AND all the rest of them!

I believe the establishment media is cheating!