Congressman Woodall, Mister Speaker and Senators Saxby and Chambliss,,

I post on several forums and we carry on serious discussions concerning the United States Government.

            We here on the “JOINTHETEAPARTY.NET” forum, as well as the many other forums we are on, are getting extremely concerned with MISTER Obama’s disregard for OUR Constitution.

This thing he is doing for the LABOR RELATIONS BOARD is another attack on our Constitution. If you let him do it; it MAY be rescinded; BUT he will still have cheated the American people out of some MORE of our rights. ALL elections need to be by secret ballot; ALL elections need to be with COMPLETE freedom without fear of retribution from thugs!

Please explain to me why there is on outcry to Congress; you are a member of ; I distinctly remember you asking me to vote for you.

I paid for and started the FIRST Newton County TEA PARTY when Rep Woodall was running for office. You want to be Speaker. Rep Woodall wants to still be a Rep; WE ARE TEA PARTY PEOPLE. We put you in office.


            I am wondering why there is no mention of the HOUSE UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES. Is there STILL such an office? Is there no means of arrest by aU. S.Marshal for what Mister Obama is doing to our Constitution?

How much corruption must take place BEFORE you do what we are paying you to do?

            Please post your answer, to “JOINTHETEAPARTY.NET”, we will take it from there

            Remember House Un-American Activities.


Richard D Gregory Sr

[email protected]