Yes, we are all conservatives; and we are responsible for the change in our political bent; however; just what are we really responsible for?

How many establishment, (professionals) have we accepted as “new” Citizen Legislators?

Then again; just what IS a citizen Legislator?

I think the number is about one out of hundreds. Jodie Hice was almost one; a Citizen Legislator.

How much time left to get him to run?

Last year I did a piece on him in the “JOINTHETEAPARTY.NET” forum.
He was involved in the Infernal Revenue fight to get preaching from the pulpit “freed up”.

We had to have a “run-off” to the race against Rob Woodall. Jodie lost a “squeeker” because we did not know he was in the race. He had a ten grand warchest, and almost won. If the people in GA 8th district had some extra stick to it, Jodie would have won.

I voted for him; but you know how run-offs are.

I guess as a people, we do not really want to change our government; we like it as it is. Wedo not understand what the TRUE meaning of PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN is.

Do we really care? Sharen Angle; Jodie Hice; Christine O’donnell. Murkowski’s father beat another Citizen Legislator; Ithink his name is Miller; and we helped her.

Yes, my friend, we like professional politicians! I think it is because we are not paying attention; OR maybe we just are afraid that someone will not like our thoughts. We do not think people will like the words we say; in support of Citizen Legislators. AND we are afraid to ask people to run or support us.AND the PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS are not ashamed to ask us for support; money.

America has been FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED; and if we do not watch out; it will be too late; and it may well be too late now.

My time is almost up now, but I pray for my; our children’s sake  it is not too late.

              Richard D Gregory Sr