About Wasted Dollars

Congressmen, Senators, and Mr. Obama,

            Please answer me!

What are you trying to do to America; I am approaching seventy years and I am ashamed of both houses of congress and the Pres.. You have placed the union in a terrible situation!

            I AM THANKING GOD we still have the tea parties! If we did not, Y O U would have certainly totally debauched our government by now! 

            It looks to me like Mr. Obama is trying to create a situation where the “poor” will riot in the streets and Obama will try to become a dictator like Chavez.

            It is really difficult to understand why you are doing this.

            You have totally depleted our Social Security in favor of the NATIONAL GRANTS, dept of education which should be a State thing instead of a National thing, and you hired a host of czars and your so called stimulus only went to BILLIONAIRS and corporate jet users,

            Look at the National grants thing; they give billions of dollars to… Investigate apes, and things that have nothing to do with intelligence; you spend billions on these things when we seniors are about to lose the thing we have been paying into in some cases since Social Security was started.

You are sending multi billions of dollars to the countries that hate us and have vowed to destroy us WHEN they get the chance. Saudi Arabia has NO need of the billions of dollars Y O U are giving them.

There is a national grant company that advertises how to get the BILLIONS of dollars

Y O U are wasting on them.

            My wife and I exist on A THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED dollars a month; Y O U gave Hugo Chavez TWO BIILLION dollars that he DOSEN’T NEED to help him drill for oil WE need so he can sell it to US! And he is another North American HATER!

            You are not showing The American People that you are interested in getting another term in office!

              You have actually been an accomplice in the RAPE of the American taxpayers.

            For your information the United States does NOT want you to raise the debt ceiling.

Congress has shown how you can fix most of these things WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MORE THAN YOU HAVE ALREAD!

               Assure AMERICA you want OUR VOTE!

                                    Richard D Gregory Sr

                                                [email protected]

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