To whom it may concern:

                        I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF ANY LONGER!

            We, the people of the United States of America, We-The-People; have been duped for lo these many decades by Satan himself.

We have been an active, willing accomplice to the desecration of our faith. We have acquiesced to the denial that there is a GOD or that HE even exists; causing our children to be taught the fallacy that “there are no absolute truths” and evolution!

In spite of the facts of our revolution; the first landing; the many infallible proofs of existence of GOD; we cling to evolution without thinking; because it is easier than arguing for our faith. We feel it’s too diffi cult to explain the truth to people. Tell me then; who are we asking to heal our land? Why should HE? When was the last time we told anyone about GOD? I am more guilty than those who don’t believe because I have seen miracles with my own eyes; and failed to mark them. Things that cannot be explained away.

            You say faith has no place in politics? You are dead wrong; History proves it; were it not for faith, we would not have won that victory over the strongest nation in the world over two hundred thirty some years ago. Then the many accounts of George Washington. If we don’t have faith what are we struggling for?

Furthermore, explain to me why there is such a war against faith as we see going on today? “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no GOD”. Why is there such a fight FOR ignorance by people who have so little time in their heads? They say that no “faith mantra” over and over. They are trying to deny history! Look at the different forums; why do they have the stipulation “don’t post about faith”? Has the A.C.L.U. gotten to them?   Do we not recognize the truth of our faith? Where and how it was the United States started? There have been many who have placed faith on trial, as in a court room; they ALL failed! As seen in “THE CASE FOR FAITH”.

            The vast majority of conservative people are Christian. Why? We believe what is written in our HISTORY. Noah’s flood, the Red Sea crossing, the Resurrection has been recorded in His Story.   

 WE are not expecting to get anything for free. WE worked all through our lives to leave the world a better place when we leave; now they want us to abandon hope! To Deny GOD!


            These things RECORDED IN HISTORY happened; exactly as recorded, IN SPITE of what the N.Y.T. or any other liberal, socialistic, communist says!          

            Do we not recognize the HISTORY that is behind us?

            Starting before the “FIRST LANDING” at Jamestown, where this continent was dedicated to GOD, Through the Second World War, as we started to forget GOD, we have been following the Communist plan of Progressivism.

            We saw at Pearl Harbor, when we were “surprise attacked” by Japan that there was a “something special” happening as miracles happened to give us victory over Japan, who is now an ally of ours along with Germany,  who is also one of our allies.

We saved the world from Satan’s friend Hitler; then we: WE rebuilt Europe and Japan.

GOD has been on our side.

NOW; we need to start realizing what happened! How have we gone so far astray?

WE have rejected GOD! We started thinking we don’t need HIM to help us anymore. We think the Satanic United Nations can help us. We have lost our allegiance. That is why we lost Viet Nam and Korea! Why are we listening to people that don’t know History (“HIS STORY”)?

I submit to you that we need to bring HISTORY back to the class room so we will be able to comprehend what is happening as we start what seem to be the last days of history.

Let US join ourselves together as we see the day approaching.

Richard D Gregory Sr

[email protected]