Mr. Woodall, Mr. Speaker,

I Cannot Understand Why Either House Of Congress Should Be Paid For Non Non-Representative Representation.

You People Have Been Getting Paid And Have Given Your Selves Raises Without Fail; Even While Giving Your Selves Raises Without The Need Of Voting On The Raises; For Decades.

Now You Have A Chance To Show The American Public; The People That Voted You Into Office, That You Are Willing To Do The Right Thing.

You Know You Should Not Pay Yourselves For Not Doing The Job You Were Sent To Do.

What I Am Saying Is: Do Not Pay Your selves For Not Doing The Job.

When I Was Working And Did Not Do The Job I Was Hired For I Never Got Paid.

Friday, April 01, 2011No Pay and No Retroactive Pay For Non Productive Work.

Richard D Gregory Sr

[email protected]