I am having trouble understanding so many things that are being attributed to Congress and the Senate.

            I understand Mr. Obama, Reid and Ms. Pelosi; they are socialists similar to about a third of both of the Houses of Congress.

            What I am finding puzzling is the way they are treating their employer; US!

Some things including the treatment of G. E., Google and other high dollar businesses with the amounts of income versus taxes withheld do not compute and need communications to the public;  namely WE-THE-PEOPLE! Let’s hear how you are going to skew facts. Hiding money offshore is another thing! I know I am fragmenting these facts, but there are so many its difficult not to.

Then there’s the National Grants where the sex lives of ants are investigated and the Mosques are studied and approved. America should not be granting money for Mosques or ant investigations.

There are companies that are created specifically for granting these grants and are a waste of tax monies! YOU should be aware of how much money is being given away in this frivolous manner, so you can stop it!

Then there are other things you need to be aware of with Mr. Obama starting a war without knowing what he is doing. He asked every one’s permission except the people he should have asked! WE-THE-PEOPLE; not the U. N. or Hugo Chavez!


He has created a depression out of his recession, forced everyone I know into default over his policies exponentially increased abortion on demand without our consent, created a situation in our society where the National Guard should be called in to quell the union riots, because the police won’t quell the riots of the teachers and police!

I have seen some of the riots where individuals were attacked and the police refused to act. Who will pay for the repair and cleaning of the desecrated WI mess?

I pray the people that caused the riots: the UNION bosses will pay, and NOT WE-THE-PEOPLE!

Who will pay for the actions of Mr. Obama? The Arab League? The Saudis? The Christians are still being persecuted in the Middle East, not by the Jews, but by the Muslims!

This nation was built on the premise of Christianity and freedom. Mr. Jefferson went to Tripoli to free the white AND black slaves! The women and Christians are being persecuted and you say nothing! Let’s do something about this! Let’s hear some complaints about the Chinese and Russian persecution!

 Another point: How many billions are we paying these countries that hate us to be nasty to us? Can you understand why we have formed the tea parties?

Let’s stop that; only pay FRIENDLY NATIONS! And only if they need the help!

 Mr. Obama prefers the United Nations over our Constitution that you signed an oath to uphold and protect! WE-THE-PEOPLE need to know who he represents; AND who YOU are going to represent! The United States or the United Nations!

You need to call him on this! There is most likely going to be a tea party response to these and more of these issues you need to be listening to, so HEADS UP!

            Richard D Gregory Sr

                        [email protected]