Mister Speaker,

            It’s me again and I am UPSET!

            We are the tea party! In other words


            We are the people that pay your wages.
We have seen where BILLIONAIRS are not paying taxes.

We want YOU to close EVERY LOOPHOLE FOR the super rich! That means to attach the wages of the PEOPLE that hide money off shore! You know who we are speaking of; the people that are paid billions of dollars in earnings.

YOU can put the proper pressure on those PARASITES!

These loopholes need to be closed NOW! By a special session of Congress if necessary!

It is bad enough that people like Nancy Pelosi pay almost nothing. EVERY American has to pay; I paid for all of my life; twelve to seventy and I started paying when I was TWELVE!

Don’t forget to force his hand to START DRILLING NOW while you are at it!

You are the Congressional boss; WE are your boss!




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