Good Morning,

I have been watching FOX and Friends this morning and I really like the FAIR and BALANCED news, where the news that is happening worldwide is reported without skewing to make people think something different from what they are seeing and saying.

            I am having a problem with the moral issues we are not paying any attention to today. Why do you think this is?

Well let me try to explain my thoughts.

            It seems many female newscasters have no problem looking like “DEAL OR NO DEAL WOMEN”. When I started watching the news and opinion, most women were wearing decent covering and my wife and I had no problem watching the news and opinions. Today however we are watching deal or no deal women. Or maybe it only seems that FOX AND FRIENDS used to have a laptop to shield them from looking up their skirts.

WHERE HAVE ALL THE MORALS GONE? Why are you trying to make an exhibit of yourselves? It seems the people want to position the women to look up the skirts of the women. Am I the only one it bothers?

I look at how the world is going; what should we be expecting?  Right, I’m just an old crankshaft;   we should be expecting all hell to break loose soon!

People cannot express themselves without using dirty euphemisms; angered has replaced “ticked-off” and others; suck doesn’t mean what it used to. Yes, I have a somewhat difficult time with my language too.

I really wonder why Jesus has not come yet! The days are about like the days of Noah! You can’t leave the doors unlocked, there are earthquakes in different places, each very severe. How many infectious, incurable diseases are there now? The Middle East is “afire”.  The Gospel has been preached about around the globe.

Remember when the word screw had a dirty connotation?

Remember when ladies were really ladies?

Remember when Mom washed or mouths out with soap?

Remember when you didn’t’ need to lock your house or car?


I wonder if the Ladies on FOX really like to have their husbands looking up their dresses. How many people will have to complain to get them to think more modestly?

How many of US care about morals?

I wonder; If I am alone in my wondering.



            Richard Gregory Sr

[email protected]