Throw me under the bus too

Why are they throwing Palin under the bus?

Its very simple why they are doing this. Palin has stood up to her own party and has called them out on monopolistic practices in big oil industries and dare challenge the good ol boy network. There may be many reasons why democrats do not like Palin, but they should at least admire her for the strength of her character to stand up against the practice of coruption and greed behind the curtain.

The republicans moderates are throwing her under the bus as payback.

People often wonder, how are we ever going to bring about real change to washington? It will only happen when people like Palin are willing to call out their own party in an atempt to keep people honest. It will only happen when the people in the republican party are willing to be open and transparent.

The GOP lost this race because it has become as gutless as the democrats, because politics has become a matter of convenience and expediency, rather than one of principled service.

A lack of knowledge and experience is something that can be corrected, but lack of character and integrity cannot.

I keep hearing, let’s not fight or point fingers, we need to keep moving forward and get back to business as usual. I say no. We need to stop. We have a serious rift within our party that is an infected sore that is turning gangrene. I know it sound confrontational, because it is. I know it sounds devisive, because it is. I know it sounds like I am being uncooperative, because I am. What is happening to Palin is symbolic to what happens all the time in the republican party. The republican fiscal conservatives that lean liberal socialy use Social conservatives collectively so as to achieve their goals and objectives politically but then throw them under the bus at the first drop of a hat. They use social issues as bi-partisanship currency whenever conveinent.

I would rather cutoff a limb than have the gangrene spread. I would rather limp on one foot, than stand on two feet without my integrity in tact.

We have been told that Palin was choosen to run on the ticket in order to entice votes from those who supported Hillary Clinton, and when that didn’t happen, they are saying she hurt the campaign. The real truth is, McCain didn’t have the ability to excite the conservative base of the party. Palin was added to the ticket because they knew her values and character were what the McCain ticket lacked in authenticity to ignite the social conservatives of the party, and that is exactly what she did. It was McCain’s job to reach across and try to pull in the independants and secure the moderate vote based on his bi-partisan record. He failed, or rather he wasn’t able to do that.

I have nothing but respect for McCain and all that he has done for this country, but the fact of the matter is, the only reason why McCain did as good as he did, was because of Palin. She held up her end and cause many of conservative base to come out and vote.

If you think I am being too radical or too extreme, then throw me under the bus too. At least then I will know I am in good company with Palin.