Kudos to Erick Erickson & Redstate

I have a profound respect for men like Rush Limbaugh. His combination of wisdom, wit, and humor often put him on the frontlines. It was a high note of my day to hear him mention Erick Erickson’s article here on Redstate.

I know many other influential people come here to Redstate as well to sample from the pool of well thought-out contributions about life principles, America, and the economic/political/cultural issues we are facing today.

Though I still consider myself new here, I have to say I am proud that I chose Redstate as the place to be online. I feel a kindred spirit to many that are here and find myself encouraged in being here. When you have such a climate where the media is biased and lies of omission is the practice by many news agencies on TV and in print, the need will only continue to grow for places like Redstate who will tell it like it is. Or better said, the men and women who make up Redstate, who take a stand and make no apologies for doing so is the example many people will turn to more and more.

I want to thank all Redstate members for being a watchdog group collectively and focusing on the issues.


Rich Chatfield

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